Yelp for Business: The Quick-Start Guide to Managing Your Reviews

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Review Filter Yelp has a built in automatic filter for your reviews. This has some flaws, but overall can work in your favor. The review filter will take out any reviews that seem to be non-legitimate.

The review filter will remove reviews that are positive and negative about your business if it meets that criteria. Make sure to tell your users how to avoid this.

Grow your business with Yelp

One way for you to avoid it being removed is to click that their review was helpful and, or funny. It has been our experience that Yelp will hide overly good reviews with not enough information or words. Advertising with Yelp If you are thinking about advertising with Yelp, think again.

While you do get some more premium content, your money could be better placed in Google ads or other forms of advertisement. In fact, 39celsius found that the return on investment was significantly less that that given from Google advertisements. You should look for low risk high reward advertising methods. There are tons of free resources on Yelp that they have made their own paid service irrelevant. At Pullman Marketing, we are very apprehensive about Yelp in general.

We highly recommend getting your Yelp account setup immediately for your business for the following reasons:.

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It has been our experience that they misrepresent results within the platform, lie to build credibility and will even speak negatively about other marketing companies you may be working with. This will help advertise your business on their own platform and even place ads on competitor profiles and listings.

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The problem is, these are suppose to be Pay-Per-Click based, but it has been our experience that they do not share with business owners how much money actually goes into advertising spend vs. Without advertising spend transparency, small businesses in rural areas with low yelp traffic can literally throw money away on the Yelp Platform. Recently we have heard from our customers that Yelp has been citing website errors, bad SEO practices, and false Search Engine Page results.

This actively discredits reputable web marketing companies while trying to provide a valuable service of auditing for a small business. When we have followed up on Yelp audits, we have found no errors and have been unable to replicate cited Search Engine Page results. We understand that Yelp sales representatives are tasked with getting more businesses on the platform and meeting certain quotas. Although a Partner Program does currently exist, it is mostly companies like Yext and Godaddy, not smaller boutique agencies. At this time, we fully recommend creating and curating a Yelp Business Page, but we do not recommend engaging with Yelp past that point.

Advertising on Yelp: What you should consider. It can also be a great tool for throwing tons of money away. Click here to get started All you have to do after that is cultivate a strong base of reviews. A positive review culture can increase leads via Yelp, Facebook and Google. Not claiming your business can make you look like an disengaged business owner. Maximizing your profitability through reviews is a great strategy for many businesses. Footer Our Partners.

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What We Believe We believe in good service and excellence. We also believe in serving our local communities too. Yelp, for instance, can have a big impact on the growth of your business. This review site allows customers to rate your business and leave feedback about their experience. You could also send an email with your Yelp link in it to encourage feedback. One of the best things you can do to manage your online reputation is to monitor and respond to feedback on Yelp.

If you do have a poor review, Alpert suggests the following:. Yelp makes it fairly easy to do just that.

You can see what customers like and dislike and use that information to improve your business too. If you need a little help addressing reviews on Yelp, get a little inspriation from others in your industry.

Encourage positive reviews

If a customer gives you a positive shout out, mention it on social media and tag the customers in the message, if you can. You can even hook your Yelp site to your social sites so you can share reviews in few clicks. You can also use these quotes on your website to encourage others to check out your business too. Do you use Yelp? Tell us how you monitor your reputation online in the comment section below.