Virgin Territory

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It was clear from the start that she was definitely hiding something and not quite telling the truth about why she and her mom are in Jupiter. Had Dylan really listened and looked carefully enough, he would have realized Angela was bad news or crazy; which Crispy had been trying to tell him. The whole thing with Angela was too drawn out and really could have been a much smaller part of the story. And I get that, I really do. There was great potential for a whole plot line about the idealized version that people remember about someone they cared for who has died versus who they really were.

The real miracle was that everything that happened over this one summer spurred Dylan and Doug to finally deal with a lot of pent up feelings about Kat. This helped both of them move on; Doug with a job in a field he actually enjoyed and Dylan with life in general. The rest of the book was really one long build up to these 30 pages. Overall, Virgin Territory was a slightly disappointing read. Give it a shot, especially if you like contemporary fiction. Jul 23, E. Anderson rated it really liked it. But then he meets Angela, a girl unlike any girl he has ever met.

Virgin Territory

So The Virgin Club it is. Remembering his mom, Kat, who died when he was little, changing his life for ever, Dylan has to wonder how their lives would have been different if she were still around.

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This is a lovely story, filled with charm and insight, with a fun and eclectic cast of characters who feel like your friends by the time you turn the last page. Dec 30, Jennifer Wardrip rated it liked it Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , read-by-other-reviewers. Well, it has happened on a Florida golf course where Dylan Flack works as a caddy, and the whole thing is about to throw his life into a tailspin.

Dylan and his dad left New York City after his mother's death. It wasn't his idea, but his dad thought it would be good to start over somewhere new. Flack left his videographer job and now works as a landscaper, perhaps in an effort to bury his problems instead of facing them. Dylan is along for the ride and trying to make the best of it. Named after Bob Dylan by his poet mother, Dylan has never been very close to his dad. Now, enough time has passed since his mother's death that he is disturbed to realize he is unable to remember her face. Dylan's job caddying at the golf course is about the only thing getting him through the summer.

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When the figure of the Virgin Mary is discovered in the bark of one of the golf course's trees, everyone begins to descend on the sleepy little town of Jupiter, Florida. That's when Dylan meets Angela.

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She is one of several teens who arrive in town because their mothers are Virgin Mary groupies. They follow what they call the BVM sightings like roadies following a rock band. The teens welcome Dylan into their group and use his knowledge of the local area to create interesting entertainment to while away the time until their parents move them to the next location.

Dylan is struck by Angela's beauty and drawn by her risk-taking behavior. He has hopes that with her around the summer might offer more than attempting to please his father and helping old guys cart around their golf gear. For him, the appearance of the Virgin on the tree may be a "blessing" of another kind. While many are struggling to "see" the Virgin in the tree bark, Dylan and his father are struggling to figure out what's next for them after losing the one connection that held everything together. Apr 29, Rachel rated it it was ok. First off, Dylan seems to have a VERY vivid memory of his mother for someone who was only six years old when she passed away.

Maybe my memory isn't all that great, but I can't recall all that much from age six. There is also a very strange speed up in time halfway through the book. Up until this point, the story moves along at a relatively even pace, but suddenly it skips over what I can only assume I was reading the ARC, so the things I am complaining about may not be the same as what I read. Up until this point, the story moves along at a relatively even pace, but suddenly it skips over what I can only assume are days or even weeks of the Dylan and his friends sneaking into houses.

I understand why most of this can be glossed over because it's not too important to the storyline, but then a why even include it or b add another fast-paced change in time. This one just seems to stick out too much to me. It's also strange about how Dylan refers to people. Not that it's uncommon for a child to refer to their parent or grandparent by their first name when speaking about them, but why does he refer to his grandfather as "grandad"?

What makes him so special? It can't be because he's deceased so is Kat and it can't be because he was Dylan's favorite he loved Marie too. Doug's reasoning for hiding the pictures from Dylan is weak. If it was because he wanted Dylan to also remember that Kat wasn't the greatest person on Earth, there should have been some indication throughout the story that things were that way. It just didn't seem plausible to me. Hiding the pictures was an excellent part of the storyline, but the reasoning was not. Jul 30, Cara rated it it was ok Shelves: could-not-possibly-finish.

Let me just start off by saying I didn't finish this book. I made it to maybe page fifty before I could no longer take it.

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I really don't know how to sum up this book, since I didn't experience much of it, but alas, I will attempt It was boring. The MC, Dylan, was boring. The descriptions were boring. Just boring. I really think this has the potential of being a John Green-esque self discovery novel, but I couldn't connect with it enough to find out. Let's meet the MC: Dylan: Rough home life, an asshat of a father, and a mother who's passed on. His thoughts in a sentence, 'My life sucks and so does everyone in it.

I get that the dude has a rough home life, but he's portrayed as the kind of person who curses at the Sun for being bright. I really would've liked to stick around and see how he progressed, but I just couldn't stand the kid. Also, I really disliked the way the difference between the relationship Dylan had with his mother and the relationship he now has with his father was presented.

When discussing his mother he uses, 'mom' which is normal, but always refers to his father as Doug.


But, hey, I'm not the author. Summing it up: I don't have anything else to say about this really, but that I do plan on returning to this someday. It just wasn't something I was into this week.

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I wasn't intending on bashing this book or author, it just was not happening for me. Hopefully someone else will adore this story and every word in it. View 2 comments. May 05, Laura rated it did not like it. So, yeah. I had a really hard time with this book. It sounded like an interesting premise about faith, redemption, love, and longing. That's what it was about, in the end, but the execution was very poor.

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