Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

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He started as a travel guidebook writer in Since then his travel guidebooks have sold nearly four million copies worldwide in more than ten languages, and his articles and photographs appeared regularly in top travel periodicals in North America and Europe. He counts among his consultancy clients a number of major corporations, publishers, foundations and government entities.

He has appeared on major television and radio programs. During his Peace Corps service he learned to speak Turkish fluently, and spent his weekends and vacations traveling throughout the country.

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He discovered a beautiful, fascinating land which was virtually unknown in the United States. After passing his doctoral exams, Tom was granted a Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Fellowship , and went to Istanbul for 15 months' research in the Ottoman archives reading medieval Turkish legal documents.

Upon his return to the United States from the Fulbright in , he gradually discovered that a career in travel was more promising and appealing than one in academia, so he left the university to devote himself to writing, photography and consulting full-time. Pour a small amount of strong tea into a little tulip-shaped glass and cut it to the desired strength with hot water.

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In recent years tea bags , especially foreign brands, have become something of a status symbol, but most of Turkey still runs on real samovar-brewed Black Sea coast tea. Turks usually add cube sugar never milk or lemon, although you can often get milk or lemon if you ask.


Turkey--Bright Sun, Strong Tea : On the Road with a Travel Writer

Having fresh, hot tea always available everywhere is one of life's splendid little luxuries in Turkey. But why not have a small traditional glass and when you've finished it order a fresh one?

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And another, and another Actually, read all about it in an article I wrote for the Sunday Telegraph London. If you don't want caffeine , try these:. Ihlamur: linden-flower tea mostly in winter UHH-la-moor.

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