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Transatlantic - Whirld Tour (Live From Shepherd's Bush Empire, London) - part 2

Foynes Flying Boat Museum Home to the world's only full-size replica of a B flying boat Explore Foynes' role in early passenger flights across the Atlantic Ocean and the legendary flying boats that came and went went carrying celebrities, royalty, rich and famous and desperate refugees alike. Foynes Maritime Museum Learn about the life and lore surrounding Ireland's longest, most famous river The River Shannon Abhainnna Sionainne figures prominently into Irish history and mythology. The museum is just the beginning O'Regan Restaurant Enjoy a fresh lunch or relax with afternoon tea in nostalgic s style.

The Village of Foynes Discover a beautiful place steeped in Irish history and aviation. This repels the similar negative charges on the surfaces on which the spiders sit, creating enough force to lift them into the air.

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And spiders can increase those forces by climbing onto twigs, leaves, or blades of grass. Plants, being earthed, have the same negative charge as the ground that they grow upon, but they protrude into the positively charged air. This creates substantial electric fields between the air around them and the tips of their leaves and branches—and the spiders ballooning from those tips.

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Peter Gorham, a physicist, resurrected the idea in , and showed that it was mathematically plausible. And now, Morley and Robert have tested it with actual spiders.

Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum | Foynes, Ireland

First, they showed that spiders can detect electric fields. They put the arachnids on vertical strips of cardboard in the center of a plastic box, and then generated electric fields between the floor and ceiling of similar strengths to what the spiders would experience outdoors. In response, the spiders performed a set of movements called tiptoeing—they stood on the ends of their legs and stuck their abdomens in the air.

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Many of the spiders actually managed to take off, despite being in closed boxes with no airflow within them. And when Morley turned off the electric fields inside the boxes, the ballooning spiders dropped.

Louise Bourgeois was managing a gallery in when she met American art historian Robert Goldwater, who was in France writing his thesis on Primitivism and Modernist painting. The pair married the following year and moved to New York where they had three children. But recognition was a long time coming for Louise. She was 71 years old when the MoMA hosted the very first retrospective of her work. Louise Bourgeois, New York, June Paris, But their liaison was cut short when Grace returned to the United States.

Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum

The pair were not reunited until when Marguerite fled the war to the U. Marguerite Yourcenar right and Grace Frick en Josephine Baker became a French citizen following her third marriage to Frenchman Jean Lion, a young industrialist who had made his fortune in refined sugar. Her fourth and final husband was Montpellier-born conductor and violinist Jo Bouillon.

The future lovers met while he was performing at the Parisian cabaret Le Boeuf sur le Toit and she was singing at the Palais Chaillot.

Josephine Baker and her husband backstage at the Strand Theater in Manhattan, Her greatest love was in fact an American. For more than 15 years, the essayist maintained a passionate relationship with the U.