Tout est bien qui finit bien (French Edition)

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It turns out the French needed some distraction from all the bad news: Serge and his new friends became instant hits in the social media. A Facebook page was created to support them, and over , people already follow it! Then the international media heard the story and shared it with the world. Serge got his own meme on the internet. The animal was finally returned to the circus I am sure he will miss riding the tram for a while… and a few days later, was reunited with his kidnappers.

The circus owner dropped all charges. Tout est bien qui finit bien. All is well that ends well. Bordeaux wine.

Tout est bien qui finit bien

Kale-eating rabbits. Traveling Am-Ba-Gas. I heard Monsieur Lama who happens to be a Bordeaux native, fully supported the cause of the five kidnapping artists. What did you think about this article? Let me know in the comment section below, I love reading your messages and reply to most. Totally brilliant and fascinating article with great pics.

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Oh dear …. Merci beaucoup Jilly. McDo is in Monaco too, eh? Do they have a special sandwich there to showcase their cultural know-know?

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Passe une bonne semaine! Bonjour Marie. Ils ont du vendre il y a longtemps. So sad to read of the cultural erosion in France. Warm regards.

Have you sacked — or flogged — those lazy contractors yet? Merci beaucoup g. I am not sure the owner was that forgiving, but when he realized thousands of people were behind the young rebels, and since Serge had not been hurt, he decided to go along with the crowd. I am personally happy for that old Llama he got to see the world, even if only from the inside of an urban tram. How many circus animals get to escape their cages for a few hours?

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With ham, cheese, roast beef and with beef tartare… It is so good and I would take it anytime instead of a greasy burger. Also we have the veal croquette and that inside a fresh baked whole wheat bread-bun… Yummy! Dreams… But yes, the social media is very rapidly creating one world taste, one world food, etc. Not very positive as a lot of things will become forever lost.

A shame but nobody seems to be bothered by it. Sad story about the French journalists… Hugs to you, Mariette. Veal croquette, eh? That sounds good to me, Mariette.

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I would not worry so much about the social media jeopardizing local cultures. Paris is a big cosmopolitan city where people have traditionally enjoyed new trends and fads. Things are very different when you leave the French capital and reach culture-proud regions. Hamburgers may be popular now, but who knows if they will still be around in Paris in 10 years? Halloween, another American import, was big for a few years.

This post definitely counts as one of your very best —- I laughed, I cried…. I, too, am worried for my belle France. I just want France to remain as she is or was and the US to do the same. Is that asking too much? Perhaps it is. I have never been able to eat and walk at the same time. I cannot eat unless I am seated at a table.

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A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany. Mary Van Antwerp, Rehabilitation Counselor "The consistently endearing, funny and scrappy voice of the little girl vividly connects the episodic scenes of the book as she tries to make sense of the sometimes frightening events of her life. A New York Times bestselling author and voted one of the top ten romance writers in America, she has a gift for telling the most sensual tales with charm and humor.

The President Had Been Shot was a higher reading level with many large words, and Daniel had a harder time with it. By the end of the year, if lucky, she could afford to move out of her crappy apartment. I loved reading this book. Faculte de droit de Paris. ISBN Pdf.