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Languages Russian, English. G2A Goldmine. Sell this item. It wouldn't communicate anything specific to me without further context. I found this on the web usingenglish. In American English, 'Each to his own' is more common. As for the reason why I asked my question : It was a conversation about girls in mini-skirts. Someone said it was surprising that some guys appeared to prefer country girls in jeans and big woolen sweaters.

The phrase "each to his own" came up. In this context, I think it meant something like "it takes all tastes". However, I wondered if it was not a mistake, as I am used to hear "to each his own". When I hear "to each his own", I can guess the end of the sentence: to each his own likes and dislikes, his own ways, his own opinion When I hear "each to his own" standing by itself, I wonder if I'm not hearing old English.

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I suppose it means that each person behaves according to his own nature. Thanks to you all! Hi JamesM and others It depends where you are of course lol!

In Australia I often hear "each to their own", and occasionally "each to his own". I can't remember ever hearing the other variations.

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My husband grew up in England and also knows only "each to their own". It means, according to our understanding, that people have their own preferences and so be it. Cagey, Is what you associate with yourself not in itself to do with variations in preference? I can completely see how your translation relates to how the phrase is used in the modern sense. Interesting thanks!