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You can use a free design program such as Free Twitter Designer to build a snappy profile check out sanderssays. Tweet a minimum of four times a day, but watch out for over tweeting, as people will unfollow you. Which brings me to my fourth observation…. It's all about your mix of tweets. By providing a diversity of tweets, you remain interesting to the network and will grow organically. Then, out of the break, Hurns dropped another pass. Those two plays overshadowed his otherwise productive day. He has a real knack for finding soft spots in zones, a highly-regarded skillset in this scheme.

He caught four passes, but only picked up 18 yards off his six targets. Gesicki certainly received an earful for his failed block on a long Parker reception. Gorgeous throw on a perfectly timed high-low.

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Jakeem Grant only caught three passes for 32 yards, but his yard kickoff return showcased his world-class speed. It was nice to see Jakeem involved heavily for the first time this season, as he also scored on a handoff from Kalen Ballage in the wildcat offense. Fastest man in football.


Jakeem with a sensational kick return. Wildcat package breakdown. He also falls off too many blocks in the run-game.

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Evan Boehm was nicked up in this game, as he and Daniel Kilgore did very little to get surge in the running game. Things did not improve with Keaton Sutherland in the game, in-place of Boehm. Deception caught Miami a few times.

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Josh Allen completely had Moss taking the cheese on a zone read, however, as Moss followed the back inside, while Allen pulled it out for a yard run. Each week, Godchaux will show out with a few reps like this one below:. Davon Godchaux does this a couple of times every week. My initial thought is that the linebackers really struggled to fit the run Sunday.

Jerome Baker was on the wrong end of a chewing-out from Flores , and the aforementioned run fits are the likely reason. Baker did make several plays in the game, but he was also caught in the wrong gap a number of times, and the Bills hit big runs as a result.

He is so easily displaced, caught up in the wash, and his inability to take on blocks really hurts the Phins stack, shed and rally mentality. Vince Biegel continues to show up in a big way. Sunday was the banner day for the anti- Bobby-McCain -at-safety brigade. McCain deserves flak for his late rotation on a long touchdown to John Brown, and his tackling was inexcusable throughout the game.

Did you get it?

Nik Needham , partially to blame for not carrying John Brown downfield on that long touchdown, made a number of plays for the third straight game. Needham drew Brown early and often, and made a number of plays on the football. Nice bounce back after the earlier TD from Needham. Inside hand jam is crucial when the WR tries to widen then cross face in an inside release. McDonald combination.

Buffalo is not a poorly coached team, and they play really tough defense. Miami entered Sunday one of four teams with a pair of victories. Two of these teams, the Falcons and Jets, won Sunday, leaving Miami with a tiebreaker disadvantage behind the Giants, a win better than Washington, and still two wins clear of Cincinnati. The quandary, how do you justify risking such a valuable resource on a guy that has so many medical concerns?

The answer is easy.

Our primary focus will be on the big four, the options that Miami will likely choose from with an early pick in the draft. Tua Tagovailoa vs. One of the best collegiate players, and widely praised good guys, Tua Tagovailoa suffered a hip injury that leaves his football future in question.

What started out as an ordinary onslaught of explosive plays — a product of perfectly placed passes — ended in potential tragedy. This injury calls for immediate surgery and significant recovery time, if a football career is possible at all. Tagovailoa will do everything in his power for a full recovery, and hopefully the advances in modern medicine can allow him to make a triumphant return to the gridiron. This game was my favorite quarterback tape to watch this season. Jordan Love exhibited the sometimes unfathomably unique arm-talent that has endeared him to scouts nationally.

After two interceptions — one a bad read, another bad luck — Love showed the shortstop-like arm, supreme athleticism, and general freaky traits that have scouts drooling. This is his season in a nutshell pic.

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  • The added element of a designed run package and RPO game, paired with the threat of throwing the ball to any blade of grass on the field, coaches will line up to get their hands on this prospect. Jake Fromm vs. Fromm hit his best throw of the season in another big SEC road victory. Few quarterbacks have the number of scalps that Fromm keeps in his back pocket, and he displayed tremendous poise in another hostile environment. At times, the crowd noise was deafening, yet Fromm communicated his line checks and audibles with urgency and a steady heartbeat.

    He made cutch, accurate throws on third down, and beat the defense with his pre-snap prowess. Audio on for this one as I walk you through the lack of incorporation of his lower half into this downfield throw. His accuracy is rivaled only by Tua and Burrow. Fromm has quiet feet when he gets to the top of his drop. Kyler Murray went first in the draft for his ability to glide weightlessly about the pocket, creating passing lanes.

    And in one afternoon, Joe Burrow is left with nothing to prove. With the first pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select… pic. Burrow remains as cool as ever in this one. He rushed his Tiger offense out to a big lead with a couple of impressive improvisational plays.

    Justin Herbert vs. Most of the people who vote in Dane County tend to be liberal. And they vote. To offset these numbers, Republicans must maximize their turnout elsewhere in the state, particularly in the Milwaukee suburbs. At some point, however, that approach will no longer survive. If Republicans want to increase their vote totals in statewide offices, they will need to run candidates that can hold on to traditional Republican areas but also win over voters—at least more of them—in Dane County and Milwaukee.

    The fact that this election was so close is testament to our divided populace. Our leaders have a lot of work to do to bring people together. It can be done. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Monday, November 18, Forgot your password? Get help. Opinion Ryan J. Now that the election is over, what are some of the key takeaways? There are a few.