Theatre of the Real (Studies in International Performance)

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Theatre Topics. Comparative Drama. Dance Research Journal. Early theatre : a journal associated with the Records of Early Drama. Journal of Scottish Theatre.

Available electronically from Free E-Journals starting in Issues under previous title also available from Free E-Journals from to Journal of American drama and theatre. Journal of Dance Medicine and Science.

Why choose this course?

Renaissance Quarterly. Research in Drama Education. Key Theatre Journals cont'd American Theater. Asian Theatre Journal. Cambridge Opera Journal. Forum Modernes Theater.

New England Theatre Journal. Opera Quarterly. Performing Arts Resources. Shakespeare Studies. You will exmaine a variety of approaches to classic texts and new writing, and hone your skills by directing your peers in short scenes from a play of your choice. You will learn techniques for 'translating' your stage acting skills to mediated performance. You will collaborate through the year with directing students in the Department of Media Arts on an internal monologue film, a silent film, and a short scene, and these can later be used as part of an audition reel.

You will look at how designers respond to and make space for theatre to happen, and through the study of visual composition and visual langauge, will explore the role of spatial design in a performance context. In this module you will develop an understanding of how theatre practitioners have frequently sought to represent social reality in order to critique it. In this module you will develop an understanding of the wide-ranging discussions of ecology and environmentalism in Shakespeare's plays.

You will look at the relations between humans and the natural world, and consider contemporary environmental debates and theatre practices.

Space in Performance

You will also examine how environmentalism can impact both theatre and Shakespeare in performance. You will look at the innovative performance styles of theatre companies such as Oily Cart and Theatre-rites, and consider how their work has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary theatre. In this module you will develop an understanding of the diverse art forms that investigate memory in dynamic conversation and the nature of art, history, and humanity. In this module you will develop an embodied understanding of culture. You will be encouraged to devise performances which creatively engage with cultural studies.

You will be an active partner in your learning process. IT applications are used to explore many aspects of the subject, and we support your capability in this area through an Information Technology Skills course. You will also take a study skills course during your first year, designed to equip you with and enhance the writing skills you will need to be successful in your degree. This course does not count towards your final degree award but you are required to pass it to progress to your second year. Assessment methods match the course content. For most course units, you will be assessed on two pieces of work, one of which is usually an essay, while the other might be an assignment such as a seminar presentation or a performance.

Practical assignments include model box set designs, lighting designs, acting, directing and stage management tasks, physical theatre and movement presentations, or work with schools and other community groups. You will sometimes be assessed as part of a group. We do not operate formal timed examinations. Socio - economic factors which may have impacted an applicant's education will be taken into consideration and alternative offers may be made to these applicants.

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All teaching at Royal Holloway apart from some language courses is in English. You will therefore need to have good enough written and spoken English to cope with your studies right from the start. For more information about country-specific entry requirements for your country please visit here. Upon successful completion, you may progress on to selected undergraduate degree programmes at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Studies in Theatre and Performance

Graduates from the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance go into a wide variety of careers, as well as further academic study. Many go into performance, stage management, broadcasting including at the BBC , arts administration, journalism, teaching, health, marketing, and PR. Lots of our graduates also start their own performing arts companies. You'll be familiar and confident in performance situations — skills which are vital for meeting and networking, and make you viable for visible leadership roles.

You'll also walk away with considerable experience of technical, intellectual, imaginative, and practical skills, valued by most employers. Aside from these performance skills, you'll also get whole host of other skills in research and project management.

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It is a requirement to purchase a pair of safety boots in the first year, for which a range of cost options are available. How do I pay for it? UK students who have already taken out a tuition fee loan for undergraduate study should check their eligibility for additional funding directly with the relevant awards body. Costs, such as accommodation, food, books and other learning materials and printing etc.

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