The Foundations of Human Experience: Lecture 5 of 14

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In a practical way, human rights has become a core value in the work of the United Nations — human rights imperatives can and should be injected into every aspect of the organization's work The International Telecommmunications Union has a crucial role in ensuring that people in the least developed countries can join the information revolution.

When situations no longer seem fixed. When the unyielding, the durable, the intractable suddenly yields. We have a deeply troubled world, anxious about human security and possibly on the brink of a war with unpredictable consequences. For all the hardships and dangers of our particular political moment, there is that element of the pliable and possible about it — if we can change our minds and our hearts about what needs to be done and our responsibility to do it.

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And what I want to talk about today is that shared responsibility. I believe what is needed is more dialogue about values, such as human security. But those discussions require a common language of respect and solidarity. Equally important, that language must be able to carry the moral and legal force of the international community.

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It must be able to manage competing claims and embrace gender issues and the diversity of human experience. The language that I believe can meet these tests is that of the international human rights standards that have been developed over the past half century. Otto Palmer. Carl Jung. Paul Bishop. Andrew Kim. Child's Changing Consciousness. The Developing Child. Willi Aeppli. Wilhelm Reich. Robert S. Working with Anthroposophy: The Practice of Thinking.

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