Sulla vita come sulla morte un po di pioggia cadrà sempre (Italian Edition)

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Last evening hitherwards I saw thy footsteps fly : This is my answer, flatterer, know withal Such words from thee belike me not at all! I weep remembering thee in loneliness apart! No lady in my life was cherished as thou art. Was half as well-beloved, O rose divine, And I believe one day thou wilt be mine.

She If it so came to pass, down-fallen were my pride, That to enhance thy fame my beauty should abide! Indeed I'd shave my head before this could betide, And to the shelter of a convent flee, From thy unwelcome wooing to be free. He If thou to be a nun, proud maid, didst flee away, Thy convent I would find, and where I was I'd stay ; To win so fair a boon right gladly would I pay : I'd be there at the dawn and twilight hour, Until at last I had thee in my power.

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She Alas, most hapless maid, destined to suffer wrong! Let him go seeking through the world so wide, He'll find a lovelier lady for his bride. He Calabria, Lombardy and Tuscany all through, Constantinople, Rome, Pisa and Genoa too, Babylon, Barbary, I've searched and searched anew, But found no woman lovely as thou art, Dearest and sovereign lady of my heart.

She Since thou dost love me so I need no more repine, Go ask me, love, of both mother and father mine ; If they thereto agree lay thou my hand in thine, Then in the abbey take me soon to wife, And I will do thy bidding all my life!

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Dato aggio lo meo core in voi, madonna, amare, e tutta mia speranza in vostro piacimento! Valimento mi date, donna fina, che lo mio core ad esso voi s' inchina. Madonna, unto thee my heart's true love is given, And for thy pleasure, see, my every hope hath striven! Madonna, I from thee will never more depart. I love thee tenderly, O apprehend my heart! Madonna sweet, give virtue unto me, And let this heart of mine be bowed to thee! Tis fitting I should bow before so fond a boon, And I am tempted now to hope that very soon My jocund courage be renewed, my hope as well : Lo, I in loving thee, into thy power fell ; Thy face is in my sight like to a shining sphere Wherein I seek delight, Trusting my service here Be pleasing unto thee who art the flower Among all women and hast richest dower.

Than others rarer far, more virtuous as well ; No men on earth there are who can appraise thy spell, Thou art so passing fair ; no woman, nay, trust me, Can match thee anywhere, whatever her degree. Nor can her wit compare with thine, O lady queen. Light heart consoled I bear Because of thy kind mien. Madonna, though to gladness I am fain Yet wiser he who doth his mirth restrain. Santus, santus, santus Deo qui in Vergine venisti, salva e guarda l' amor meo poi da me lo dipartisti : oi alta potestade, temuta e dottata, il dolze mi 5 amistade ti sia raccomandata!

La croce salva la gente e me face disviare ; la croce mi fa dolente, e non mi vai Dio pregare. Full many a wight afar will go To lands beyond the sea : Alas, so deeply versed in woe, What will become of me? To other countries they are borne Yet tell me not a word, So I remain behind forlorn, The while my sighs are heard Tormenting me all through the night, Tormenting me by day ; Nor heaven nor earth I see aright, I know not where I stray.

The cross that saveth everyone Doth lead me from the way ; The cross for me hath sorrow won, In vain to God I pray. Brought me to such a plight? Oi alta potestade, temuta e dottata, lo mio dolze amistate vi sia raccomandata! Quando la croce pigliao certo no lo pensai quelli che tanto m' amao ed i' lui tanto amai, eh' i' ne tuie battuta e messa in pregionia e 'n celato tenuta per la vita mia. O high and mighty potentate, God of awe and fear, 1 pray Thee be compassionate Towards my love so dear! O certes then I did not know, When he the cross was fain To clasp, he who did love me so And whom I loved again, That it would deal a blow so sore And hold me captive fast In prison-close for evermore Until my life were past.

The ships at anchor lie, but soon To sea they will put out, And with them will depart my boon And other folk no doubt ; O Father, Who createst all, Bring them to port again Who serve Thy holy cross withal And thereto are right fain! But, sweet, since thou dost understand My sorrow, fashion, pray, A sonnet, to the Syrian land Then let it find its way, Because henceforward rest to me Nor day nor night doth bring, In lands that lie beyond the sea My life makes tarrying!

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Madonna Assai son gemme in terra, ed in fiume ed in mare, eh' hanno vertute in guerra e fanno altrui allegrare ; amico, io non son dessa di quelle tre nessuna : altrove va per essa, e cerca altra persona. Per voi perisco amando se no mi soccorrete. Ma s' tu credi morire innanzi eh' esca V anno, per te fo messe dire, come altre donne fanno.

Madonna Se morir non ti credi, molt' hai folle credenza, se quanto in terra vedi trapassi per sentenza.

Ma s' tu se' dio terreni non ti posso scampare : guarda che leggi tieni se non credi a 1' altare. XlIIth Century Lover Ogem so soft and rare, O dainty little fay, Thou dost more virtues wear than any tongue can say ; By loveliness in thee, by grace of God, O save, Thou canst not help but see that I am, love, thy slave! Madonna The earth hath many a gem, the river and the sea, And virtue strives with them, though some they please, pardie!

But in these three nowhere, O friend, have I a place : Go, seek thy gem elsewhere and in another face. Lover Madonna, too severe is thy reply I wot, I have no ship to steer, a diver I am not : To search where thou hast told, therefore I cannot go, If aid thou dost withhold, thy love will lay me low. Madonna If thou to death dost cleave because of this essay, Then I will not believe that love o'er thee had sway : But should'st thou choose to pass before the year is through, I'll have them say a mass as other women do!

Lover O dainty little lass, save me from mortal pain. For never did a Mass bring dead men back again : If thou would'st me console, Madonna, do not tarry, If I should die, my soul I'd have no masses harry! Madonna If thou from death wouldst flee, thy thoughts are wildly cast, All thou on earth dost see must pass away at last : But if a god art born, I cannot run away ; Since altars have thy scorn, respect the laws, I pray!

Pregovi in cortesia che m' aitate, per Dio, perch' io la vita mia da voi conosca in fio. Madre pietosa, a noi cara consorte, ritraine dal seguir sue turbe e squadre. Cotal rimedio ha questo aspro furore, tal acqua suole spegner questo foco, come d' asse si trae chiodo con chiodo. For God's sake aid bestow, I beg thee courteously, Because full well I know thou hast my life in fee! Madonna Thou castest pity's spell with sweet and humble art, Thy faith hath served thee well, I love thee from my heart To teach me thou hast known, pleading so skilfully, Now I am all thine own, what more would'st have of me?

Lover Neither for gold nor place, Madonna, do I care, Commend me to the grace of whom art well aware.

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Lady, I ask of thee this favour, only this, Thou art his own, and he knoweth my life is his. Guittone d'Arezzo, O glorious Mother of sweet Jesus, by Whose sacred death, us from Hell's portals freeing, Wiped out the sin, O Lady of the sky, In which our primal father had his being, Ah, see Love with his arrows sharp and bold, What grievous fate he goadeth me unto! O piteous Mother, dear ally, withhold His unruly squadrons, let them not pursue! O grant to me the love which is divine And draweth up our souls to Paradise, So I may loose these passionate bonds of mine.

Herein the balm for this wild fury lies, This water doth to quench this fire avail As in a plank a nail drives forth a nail.

Film cristiano completo in italiano - "Dalle grinfie della morte" Dio mi ha dato la seconda vita

Secolo XIII Ala stagion che il mondo foglia e fiora accresce gioia a tutt' i fin' amanti : vanno insieme a li giardini allora che gli augelletti fanno dolci canti : la franca gente tutta s' innamora, ed in servir ciascun traggesi innanti, ed ogni damigella in gioi' dimora, a me m' abbondan marrimenti e pianti. Rustico di Filippo, Quando Dio messer Messerino fece ben si credette far gran maraviglia, eh 5 uccello e bestia e uom ne soddisfece, eh 5 a ciascheduna natura s' appiglia : che nel gozzo anitroccol contraffece, ne le reni giraffa m' assomiglia, ed uom seria, secondo che si dice, ne la piacente sua cera vermiglia.

XlIIth Century What time the world doth put forth leaves and flowers To all true lovers fuller joy belongs, They go awandering then through garden bowers Where little birds are warbling their sweet songs : Then care-free folk their time in love employ, And every lad doth serve with eagerness, And every lassie doth abide in joy, But tears have I in plenty and distress, Because my father doeth me great ill, And causeth me full often bitterest rue, Since he would marry me against my will And I have neither heart nor mind thereto.

Thus in great misery I pass the hours, Nor am I comforted by leaves and flowers. Rustico di Filippo, When God created Messer Messerin' He thought He'd worked a miracle indeed, Goodwill of bird and beast and man to win He took a hint from every kind of breed : His throat was modelled in a duckling's way, His limbs were the giraffe's to contemplate, Human he was, at least that's what they say, According to his cheery crimson pate. He seemed a crow when he began to sing, In learning he was certainly an ass, And, judging by his dress, he was a man.

Him God created when it came to pass He'd nothing else to do and hence did plan To prove His skill creating this strange thing! Accorri, Donna, e vide che la gente l' allide : credo che lo s' occide, tanto Y han flagellato. Turba Crucifi', crucifige! Omo che se fa rege, secondo nostra lege contradice al senato. Vergine Prego che m' entennate, nel mio dolor pensate : forsa mo ve mutate de quel eh' ete parlato. Nunzio Traggon fuor li ladroni, che sian sui compagnoni. Run, Lady, run and see, they smite Him cruelly, Dead He must surely be, they scourge Him without rest! Virgin Nay, how can this be so, Who doth not evil know, Christ, my hope here below, by mortals sore-distressed?

Herald Madonna, now behold, betrayed He is and sold ; For thirty pieces told Judas hath lined his nest. Virgin O Magdalene, speed, speed, grief burdeneth me indeed, Christ mine own son they lead as 'twas to me confessed! Virgin O Pilate, not by thee, tormented let Him be ; He shall be proved by me most wrongfully oppressed.

Crowd Crucify Him, crucify! Who raised Himself on high The senate doth defy ; so is our law confessed! Virgin Nay lend your ears again and muse upon my pain, Haply you may be fain to change what you professed. Herald The thieves dragged hither see to bear Him company! Vergine O croce, che farai? Nunzio Succurri, piena de doglia, che '1 tuo figliuol se spoglia ; e la gente par che voglia che sia en croce chiavato. Vergine Se glie tollete '1 vestire, lassatemel vedire come '1 crudel ferire tutto F ha 'nsanguinato. Donna, li pie se prenno e chiavellanse al lenno, onne iuntura aprenno tutto 1' han desnodato.

Virgin O son, O son of mine, O lily-flower divine, O son, whence shall a sign come to my heart distressed? O son, O happy-eyed, why hush Thee in such wise? And why Thyself disguise before Thy mother's breast? Herald Lady, the cross is nigh, the people bear it by, Where the true light doth lie, there shall it rear its crest. Virgin O cross, what doest, say?


Who then with us shall stay, like Him so wholly blest? Herald O mournful one, run where thy son hath been stripped bare. To nail Him they would dare unto the cross to rest.