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Seeing that Dexter Bennett has secured a bailout from the federal government to save the Daily Bugle , he starts a public and social media movement to turn the people of New York against Dexter Bennett and the New York Stock Exchange for their greed. Because of this, Electro is believed to be a hero to the people of New York and, when Spider-Man tries to fight him, they turn against him.

Electro has been offered a very expensive cure for his declining health by the Mad Thinker , but is unable to pay for it. To get the money for the cure, he makes a deal with Dexter Bennett in exchange for calling off the campaign against him. The Mad Thinker attempts to cure Electro, turning him into an artificial electrical thunderbolt, but Spider-Man intervenes.

Electro uses this power to betray Bennett. Spider-Man eventually defeats him, but not before Bennett is crippled by falling debris and the Daily Bugle is destroyed. Electro is then shown in the epilogue running into Sasha Kravinoff and the Chameleon in his new jail cell.

Someone manages to steal three top secret files about the three murders. Spider-Man traces the murderer to Governor's Island, where he finds Keemia. The Sandman is revealed to be on the island and he proclaims himself as Keemia's father.

In the very next issue, a few of the copies of Sandman, after confronting Spider-Man, confess that they are the actual killer of the mother and two others. Sandman, shocked that his own duplicates could free themselves from his control, begins battling his other duplicates. Spider-Man then obliterates Sandman with a fan, and gets back to Manhattan with Keemia. Keemia is then taken into foster care against her and Peter's will. However, Aleksei no longer has his Rhino suit and is living with his new wife, Oksana. Meanwhile, Peter begins working full-time at the Front Line and on his first story the new Rhino attacks Aleksei.

Spider-Man fights the new Rhino to protect Aleksei and is defeated. He later meets up with Aleksei, who managed to get away and convinces him not to put his Rhino suit back on. In The Amazing Spider-Man through , titled "Mysterioso", the issues reveal that the Maggia is on the brink of destruction due to the loss of Silvermane during his gang's shoot-out against Owl 's gang, Bruno Karnelli's bad leadership, and fighting with Mister Negative , as well as Hammerhead siding with him.

The Maggia hires Mysterio to help them get out of their problems, but he accepts only to serve his purposes. In a fight between the Maggia, Mister Negative, and Spider-Man, most of the Maggia die and Mysterio loses all of the money he gained through this endeavor. Afterwards, Mysterio is approached by Chameleon disguised as Jean DeWolff who tells Mysterio that he has some friends that are "dying to meet him.

In The Amazing Spider-Man , titled "It is the Life", Spider-Man discovers that Morbius was behind the theft of his blood and was using to it to try to find a cure for the zombie virus that has infected Jack Russell. Spider-Man volunteers to give him more blood. It shows Flash Thompson dealing with the five stages of grief for losing his legs [55] during the Iraq War.

He wants revenge on the person who turned him into a monster, and he is told that J. Jonah Jameson did this to him. The mob starts pulling up fake claims that Jameson had created the new Vulture and the media gets a hold of it. Spider-Man finds out and arrives at City Hall just in time to save Jameson. The Vulture manages to escape when Spider-Man runs out of web fluid.

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The Vulture learns the truth about Jameson and the mob and attacks the gangsters. Meanwhile, Peter decides to edit a photo to prove Jameson's innocence. However, Jameson reveals that the photo is a fake and fires Peter in public, who ends up running out of City Hall. Peter wonders how things could get worse for him as the Vulture flies overhead.

Aleksei, the original Rhino, and his wife try to go into hiding in protective custody , but the new Rhino attacks the vehicle taking them to a safehouse and Oksana is killed. Aleksei is so enraged by this he redons his old Rhino suit and fights the new Rhino. Spider-Man tries to stop all of this from happening, but he fails. In the end, the old Rhino kills the new Rhino. Sasha Kravinoff hires her to steal Mac Gargan 's original Scorpion costume from the Hood , who plans to award it to the low-level crook that impresses him after receiving the Scorpion costume from Norman Osborn.

The Scorpion stings Spider-Man and he temporarily loses his powers.

Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet, Volume 5: Lizard

Meanwhile, Michelle Gonzalez arrives to the ensuing fight to stop the man she was defending in court to ruin his second chance. Peter saves her, then changes into Spider-Man now that his powers are back. He saves Scorpion from the Hood and she manages to deliver the suit. When Peter gets back to his and Michelle's apartment, the two agree to a truce.

Captain Universe instead tries to kill the Juggernaut and Spider-Man gets involved trying to save the Juggernaut's life.

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When the new Captain Universe insists on killing the Juggernaut instead of fixing the tectonic plates, the Uni-Power leaves him and enters the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut uses the power of Captain Universe to repair the damage to the tectonic plates. Curt Connors has a new job and he has lost custody of his son, Billy.

After his boss berates him and prevents him from taking his Lizard suppressant, Connors transforms and eats his boss. Billy Connors is kidnapped by Ana Kravinoff after she left his foster mother for dead, and Ana abandons Billy when the Lizard arrives.

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Connors's personality fights with his reptilian will, but the Lizard drowns out Connors's and eats Billy while Ana and Alyosha watch on. Then the Lizard sheds his skin and becomes a new form. This form is smarter than any previous form of the Lizard and has the telepathic abilities to connect to the "lizard part" of the human brain. However, some of Connors's emotions were passed to this new Lizard, which causes him regret for what he has done.

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