Scream Street 11: Hunger of the Yeti

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Until they are kidnapped by trolls. Scream Street: Invasion of the Normals. Is this a normal invasion on Scream Street? Opening a doorway out of Scream Street seems to have brought with it a whole new set of problem — and now Luke, Resus, and Cleo are beginning to realize what they have unleashed. Scream Street faces a greater threat than ever before: normals!

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Scream Street: Skull of the Skeleton. Make no bones about it! Scream Street: Flesh of the Zombie. Rock out with a zombie in the next spook-tacular episode of Scream Street. Now if Luke and his pals want to restore peace to the neighborhood and find the fourth relic they seek , they have no choice but to follow the band.

Scream Street: Heart of the Mummy.

  • Ex Umbris: Step Into the Light;
  • Series: Scream Street.
  • Scream Street Series.
  • Get right to the heart of the mummy in this spook-tacular episode of Scream Street. Scream Street has been shrouded in night for as long as anyone can remember. But things really look black when millions of spiders escape and cover everything with their suffocating webs. Luke Watson boy-turned-werewolf , vampire Resus, and mummy Cleo are trying to combat the creepycrawlies as they search for the third relic Luke needs to take his parents home—the heart of an ancient mummy. But Sir Otto is determined to fight them every step of the way!

    Scream Street: Blood of the Witch. Scream Street Book 2 — the quest for the relics continues.

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    Scream Street: Fang of the Vampire. Though Luke quickly makes friends, he vows to find a way to take his terrified parents home. The secret to opening the exit, he learns, is collecting six powerful relics the founding fathers left behind.

    But with a sinister landlord determined to thwart Luke at every turn, will he even get past the first hurdle alive? Share: Share on Facebook.

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