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Results for - tesla. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! Well, actually you do. If you are a fervent collector of Spider-Man art, whether it be the pages of the comic, commissioned artwork, or specialized hand-crafted originals inspired by the character you owe it to yourself to attend this incredible show.

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The Nucleus Gallery, curated by Josh McKenzie, is one of the premiere locations in Los Angeles for showcasing artwork inspired by pop culture, video games, comics, movies and all the properties we all love. Just to get things started, they had several of the lead concept artists from the film, who provided artwork for the amazing concept art book, there to sign books, sell prints of new work, talk to our show about their concept art.

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What a fiasco! For this episode, Dan and Mark will be taking a look at some major developments for the world of Spider-Man from the Bronze Age that while not deserving on an episode on their own would help to shape many future Spider-Man comics.

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S03 Episode 6: Marvel Team-Up. All New! Joining them to talk about this turn for the character is the writer who would later write Marvel Team Up, none other than J. HU, 17, 18, and S03 Episode 5: Birth of a Frenemy. The Green Goblin lives again! S03 Episode 4: A Door Closes. Amazing Friends: Jason Latour.

During the first two episodes, Dan and Mark talked about how the Bronze Age kicked off. S03 Episode 2: The Bronze Age.

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But today, they are inviting Gerry Conway back on the show to talk about the damage he caused with that death, specifically launching the comics industry into the Bronze Age. Tune in to find out more from the man himself. S03 Episode 1. Our spider-sense is never wrong!

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Someone he cannot save! How does our hero get out of this? Spider-Man is stuck in a Spider-Slump! Prepare yourself for a discussion of some of the strangest Spider-Man stories as the book tried to find new life with untested creators. Introducing Season 3. Happy New Year!

You can email questions to our show at amazingspidertalk gmail. Amazing Friends: Yuri Lowenthal. So join Dan as he sits down with the veritable voice actor to discuss his role as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. A Tribute to Stan Lee. Dan visited the museum this summer and was dying to get all the juiciest details about the exhibit.

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Double the size! Double the thrills! Dan and Mark have reached another arbitrary milestone: episode ! Basically, prepare yourself for a epic-sized amount of naval-gazing goodness, and our hosts potentially murdering a burglar.

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Of course, none of this madness would have been possible without our wonderful supporters on the Patreon page. S02 Episode Goodbye, Spider-Dad. To help us discuss that special time period we are joined by an incredibly special guest! Who is that special guest? Amazing Spider-Talk Roundup. S02 Episode Secret Agent Parents. From costumes to posters to flying toys, Spider-Man had it all!

To help them with this episode, they are joined by a very special guest, pop culture and memorabilia expert, Rob Bruce. S02 Episode 9: Reintroducing Death. A Tribute to Steve Ditko. We publish new and old works of pulp sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, and gothic horror. If you want to read quality works of new pulp fantasy, science fiction or horror, Schlock! For details of previous editions, please go to the website. Webzine is always willing to consider new science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories, serials, graphic novels and comic strips, reviews and art.

Please contactthe editor at the above email address for further details. Webzine and its editor accept no liability for views expressed or statements made by contributors to the magazine. Ellis Hastings' frontier age horror reaches part two, The Hettford Witch Hunt is at Episode Five, and our long running space opera epic, The Battle for Callisto is at episode twenty-five.