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When the moment is right, as signalled by a sudden, insightful need for a pee, one concentrates the force of one's mind upon the Query and turns one tile over to read the oracle's Cosmic Judgement It seemed reasonable at the time, for these four definite responses offered more clarity than 64 vague ones. I reread the introduction to my copy of the I Ching and was maddened into writing extracts from the page Manual of the Langford Predictor —. My question was, "is this a valid oracle?


This should have warned me, but still I importuned the oracle for a third time. This was my first experience with the unique personality of the Langford Predictor.

The first blow to my happy scepticism came on finding a Scientific American article on the I Ching. The second was delivered indirectly by Andrew Stephenson himself. We'd been chatting about Rob's story — Rob himself had murmured "The wise man spits not into the wind" and deleted the actual hexagrams from what became his novel Earthwind — and I said of such oracles, "Randomness.

Online I Ching [Yi Jing] Oracle

But he hadn't finished. Exit a screaming Langford, to read stacks of books on acausal relationships and similar exciting speculations, which is a nice way of saying cobblers. We scientists well, us low-grade physicists are stirred to action by such possibilities.

There must, I thought, be a test experiment which would validate or otherwise the I Ching. Unfortunately the mystic information-line from the future tends to obscurity — the wise man hiccups when the wind lies south — so the true meaning is obvious by hindsight alone.

The Oracle

The only unmistakable message is — no message at all. Statistics came creeping back in. Ask the I Ching a thousand times about something, and the answers should be biased in the direction of what the oracle "wants to say". If there's no pattern in the replies, then no information is available on the subject of enquiry. Does that make sense?

Oh be quiet. Some people have no faith. The test experiment goes like this. A computer is programmed to consult the oracle thousands of times, the query each time being "What about this particular point in space? General relativity forbids information transfer from inside black holes, as Larry Niven will tell you any day unless you run fast. So the computer repeats the process for point after point in a fine grid covering — eventually — the entire galaxy, and via the awful power of the I Ching it produces a Black Hole map, an invaluable aid to shipping in the days to come.

It works, I tell you. The black hole I discovered a few days ago and modestly named Twll-du ap Langford is just waiting for mankind to travel lightyears and verify its existence. The sense of wonder is not dead.

Episode 25 - Tarot, I Ching & Methods of Divination

The meanings of the hexagrams are not fixed, they change according to your situation. Hexagram 3 can mean that you are experiencing initial difficulties, but it can also mea. Weblog: Harmen's Dagboek Tracked: Mar 21, Weblog: onlineclarity. Weblog: yjcn. Display comments as Linear Threaded. I generally favour "Oracle for In terms of situations seeming to require action, this is asking first about doing, and then about not doing. Many things that appear to need something done about them don't actually need anything done about them.

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The most valuable thing I have learnt from the Yi is to not do anything. These days I find I don't need to consult an oracle to carry on much as before. Many concerns are appearance only. If we learn to still the mind then our concerns are "solved" not by being answered but by not being there at all. Add Comment. E-Mail addresses will not be displayed and will only be used for E-Mail notifications. To leave a comment you must approve it via e-mail, which will be sent to your address after submission. Standard emoticons like :- and ;- are converted to images. Favorites Open All Close All.

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Hexagram 3 can mean that you are experiencing initial difficulties, but it can also mea Weblog: Harmen's Dagboek Tracked: Mar 21, PingBack Weblog: onlineclarity. Remember Information?

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