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None of the other jewels interfere with this. When one sits within one jewel, one is simultaneously sitting in all the infinite jewels in all ten directions. How is this so? Because within each jewel are present all jewels.

Indra's net of jewels

If all jewels are present within each jewel, it is also the case that if you sit in one jewel you sit in all jewels at the same time. The inverse is also understood in the same way. Just as one goes into one jewel and thus enters every other jewel while never leaving this one jewel, so too one enters any jewel while never leaving this particular jewel. The Huayan Patriarch Fazang — used the golden statue of a lion to demonstrate the Huayan vision of interpenetration to empress Wu: [13].

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In each of the lion's eyes, in its ears, limbs, and so forth, down to each and every single hair, there is a golden lion. All the lions embraced by each and every hair simultaneously and instantaneously enter into one single hair. Thus, in each and every hair there are an infinite number of lions The progression is infinite, like the jewels of Celestial Lord Indra's Net: a realm-embracing-realm ad infinitum is thus established, and is called the realm of Indra's Net. According to Rajiv Malhotra , the earliest reference to a net belonging to Indra is in the Atharva Veda c.

Vast indeed is the tactical net of great Indra, mighty of action and tempestuous of great speed. By that net, O Indra, pounce upon all the enemies so that none of the enemies may escape the arrest and punishment.

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This great world is the power net of mighty Indra, greater than the great. By that Indra-net of boundless reach, I hold all those enemies with the dark cover of vision, mind and senses.

The net was one of the weapons of the sky-god Indra, used to snare and entangle enemies. This world was the net of the great Sakra Indra , of mighty size; by means of this net of Indra I envelop all those people with darkness. According to Goudriaan, the speaker pretends to use a weapon of cosmical size. With this net Indra conquered all his enemies. In Vermeer's Hat , a history book written by Timothy Brook , the author uses the metaphor:.

Buddhism uses a similar image to describe the interconnectedness of all phenomena. It is called Indra's Net. When Indra fashioned the world, he made it as a web, and at every knot in the web is tied a pearl. Everything that exists, or has ever existed, every idea that can be thought about, every datum that is true—every dharma, in the language of Indian philosophy—is a pearl in Indra's net. Not only is every pearl tied to every other pearl by virtue of the web on which they hang, but on the surface of every pearl is reflected every other jewel on the net.

Everything that exists in Indra's web implies all else that exists. Writing in The Spectator , Sarah Burton explains that Brook uses the metaphor, and its interconnectedness,. Indra's Net symbolizes the universe as a web of connections and interdependences [ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the philosophical concept. For the book by Rajiv Malhotra, see Indra's Net book. For the geometry book, see Indra's Pearls book. You have to know that to understand this story, which is about my setting forth to break the bonds he tied me with.

It is one of many attempts to control his daughter, and it works temporarily, as they all do.

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Perhaps at no time is this father-daughter bond more constricting than when her marriage to a younger version of her father fails and she returns with her two sons. He had given up his true love for us. A short, large-hipped, slightly tacky lady who had done his books the year he made a million dollars. Fortunately, Rhoda herself later decides to write. Rhoda Manning--and her creator, Ellen Gilchrist--are both seized by the urge to purge, fueled by the same fire: the biological necessity for truth.

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