Lost Secrets of the Blue Apples

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The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau: Blue Apples and January 17

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The inside story behind Apple's secret code names

Everything you need to know about the iPhone XR. Apple CEO: Privacy is fundamental human right. Chen was arrested and charged last week, just before he was scheduled to fly to China, according to a criminal complaint filed in US district court in California. Apple said that if the confidential material got out, it would be "enormously damaging" for the company, the complaint said. It's the second time in about six months that a Chinese national has been charged with stealing secrets from the Apple project, whose existence the company refuses to even acknowledge publicly.

The cases come during heightened tensions between the United States and China over who will control the technologies of the future. This week, the US Justice Department filed sweeping charges against Chinese tech company Huawei , accusing it of trade theft, obstruction of justice and other crimes.

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Huawei has denied all charges. Chen first aroused suspicion at Apple when a colleague reported seeing him taking photos of the self-driving car project with a wide-angle lens earlier this month, according to the complaint. Apple shifts staff from autonomous vehicle project. Apple launched an investigation, uncovering more than 2, files on Chen's personal computer containing confidential information, the court documents said. Otto Rahn disappeared in Holy Blood Holy Grail p. Deep within the grottoes of Sabarthez, Rahn found chambers in which the walls were covered with symbols characteristic of the Knights Templar side by side with emblems of the Cathars.

Chinese engineer charged with stealing secret material from Apple

What follows is as much 'alleged' history as it is 'actual' history, as the information comes from many sources of various repute: In , the tiny village of Rennes-le-Chateau in the Languedoc region of southern France gained a new parish priest, the Abbe Berenger Sauniere. Though comprised of barely twenty houses, the village was once thought to be a major stronghold of the Visigoth Empire, under the previous name of Rhedae. Once established in the village, Sauniere undertook a refurbishment of the local church, originally consecrated to Mary Magdalene in , which had fallen into ruin.

During his work excavating and rebuilding the church, Sauniere allegedly came across a number of coded parchments hidden within the Visigothic pillars. Astonished at the finds, Sauniere left for Paris where he would consult with specialists at the Church of St. There, it is alleged that the author of the parchments was the Abbe Antoine Bigou, who may have written them, or at least secreted them in , more than a century before Sauniere's time. These ancient parchments were then promptly decoded in Paris to reveal the cryptic messages: seen above in red.

Curious and perplexed all the more, it is said that before leaving Paris Sauniere purchased copies from the Louvre of paintings by Nicolas Poussin and David Teniers the Younger, apparently on the basis of the coded message. When one of the painting is titled "The Shepherds of Arcadia" and Teniers was known to be a painter of the Devil, Sauniere knew he was on to something, yet what?

The story gets very murky after this point yet one fact is indisputable, like the original Knights Templar centuries before him, Father Sauniere suddenly and mysteriously, became rich.

He began spending vast amounts of his new found wealth building Rennes-le-Chateau into an estate complete with guest house and castle tower hanging off a cliff-face called the Tour Magdala or Magdalen Tower. Not long after, he entertained important albeit 'strange guests' from all over Europe. The church of his new Rennes-le-Chateau estate, Church of St Magdalene, was also completely refurbished by Sauniere using various clues as to what he ultimately discovered that has kept modern Grail hunters and researchers captivated ever since.

As you approach the entry way of his church, Sauniere oddly installed the Latin verse meaning "This Place is Terrible. Opposite Asmodeus, across a Masonic checkered floor is a statue of Christ. All around the church is seen various idols and statues, as well as Stations of the Cross in very unique positions that are obviously veiling a much more esoteric message based on some form of heretical belief.

Statues of Joseph and Mary are also present, each holding a very blonde and blue-eyed Anglo-Aryan-looking Jesus on either side of the altar. Some surmised that these statues might not actually be Joseph and Mary, but are intended to represent Jesus and Mary Magdalene, hinting a continuation of Christ's Bloodline that has seemingly infused itself into the European collective DNA of its 'blue-blooded' Royal Families.

Others say it was the mysterious treasure secreted by the Cathars during the time of their persecution at the hands of the Catholic Church.

Huge Ancient Knowledge Secret Discovered That Remain a Secret Even Today

However, given the nature of the actual clues Sauniere chose to display, with that of a Devil, and a Child, one cannot help but consistently come back to the 'treasure' being a secret, a Royal Secret, most notably that Jesus Christ sired children and His Bloodline continued as a Royal lineage, or perhaps it was to mean the Devil sired children and his Bloodline continued as a Royal lineage, who can really say? Esoteric researchers point out that the entire region of southern France forms a perfect pentagram which can only be viewed from above , meaning that the site of Rennes-le-Chateau is one node of a larger 'pagan temple' displayed on earth, yet only seen from far above, from near-orbiting space, and yet, who could have built such a symbol that stretches across hundreds of miles, with such symmetry of lines angled so perfectly as to form a symbol that is connected with Venus, also called Lucifer?

Ephesians answers that. In time, the Catholic Church heirarchy changed. A new regional bishop questioned Sauniere about his obvious wealth to which Sauniere completely ignored his requests for an explanation, eventually quitting the priesthood rather than divulging his vast monetary source. Perhaps the rumors were true then, Sauniere had gotten involved with various Occult secret societies immediately after finding the 'secret of the Holy Grail' and it was they who made him immediately wealthy, which speaks to the great need these same European magical societies had for whatever hidden knowledge, secret object, or tomb that Father Sauniere had so willingly provided to them.

On January 17th , ironically enough, the same date Marie d'Hautpoul died, Sauniere apparently had a stroke, and died five days later. Local lore says that the priest who arrived to give last rites to Sauniere denied him absolution based on his confession. It is also said that a strange memorial was held for the dead priest - his body was seated out on a balcony where mourners walked past plucking red paper apples from the shawl that covered him.

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Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke which left her completely unable to communicate in any form and she died in The story of Berenger Sauniere came to the attention of the French public around , causing somewhat of a national sensation. A famous moment in the story occurred when Lincoln quizzed de Sede about the coded parchments.

At first de Sede denied knowing about any codes, something that Lincoln found hard to believe. Under further questioning as to why he didn't reveal the codes in his book, Gerard de Sede eventually answered quite cryptically: " Because we thought it would interest someone like you to find it for yourself.

What are moments?, page 1

Henry Lincoln went on to make three full-length documentaries on the subject of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Priory of Sion during the s. When the subject became too far-ranging for him to handle on his own, he joined with two other researchers, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.

In the hands of Lincoln, Baigent and Leigh the mystery grew into a full-blown historical investigation which fostered a great amount of skepticism of the Jesus Christ account in the Gospels, while promoting Occult secrets of the medieval Knights Templar and Cathars, and the greatest of secrets: that the Bloodline of Christ continued through Mary Magdalene and the Dark Ages French lineage of the Merovingian Kings, a lineage which still exists into the modern age. A number of documents purportedly belonging to the Priory of Sion have been uncovered only adding to the mystery.

The Dossiers Secret , a paged document that tells of a long-line of distinguished Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion, which included such historical personages as Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Claude Debussy and Victor Hugo, who were all in league protecting the secret Bloodline of the Merovingian kings of ancient France , a Bloodline that was supposedly descended from Christ.

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  5. Blue Apples.
  6. These secret documents, as they were called, were to eventually restore this Bloodline to the Throne of France in the modern age, a difficult task since France is now a republic. Conveniently, the man slated by the Dossiers to be that same King appeared to be none other than Monsieur Pierre Plantard , an enigma of a man eccentric at best, and although it was reputed he was a seeker of mere self interest with notions of being seated on the long-forgotten Throne of France, he had still reignited that firestorm of sensation surrounding the Bloodline of the Holy Grail, bringing it into the post-modern age.

    Ordre de la Rose-Croix Véritas O.D.L.R.C.V.

    It wasn't long before all the media-hyped books began appearing on shelves worldwide, most notably the definitive popular work on the subject 'Holy Blood Holy Grail' written by the same trio of researchers that looked into the Plantard phenomena, oddly enough. Their work became a best-selling book in the millions which still garners an audience to this day. Other authors that came after, each added their own insights into the mystery behind Rennes le Chateau and of the Holy Grail Bloodline mystery which surrounded it.

    Some of these books, only hint at the mystery without giving any? In short, I think they made a convincing case that the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the early Freemasons, and then later the modern Priory of Sion, could all represent the continuation of a mystery tradition surrounding the bloodline of Christ, and a continuing conspiracy that aimed to bring members of that bloodline to power. This child, they suggested, bore a line of descendants that eventually resulted in the Merovingian bloodline. It all starts to come together with another apocryphal Christian text, The Book of the Cave of Treasures.

    In addition to sexual defilement, the Cainites defile the Sethites by passing on to them, once again, the same forbidden wisdom, and again these acts prompt God to cleanse the Earth with a flood. Now interestingly, I was able to find a number of old school mythologists and anthropologists, such as Ignatius Donnelly and L.

    Waddell, who have equated the ancient fish-god Dagon with the biblical figure of Cain. These authors hypothesized that the biblical figure of Cain is actually based on an ancient king who ruled over several continents prior to the Deluge, and whose descendants were responsible for rebuilding civilization after the Deluge.