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It won two Telekamery awards in one for best comedy series and one for Brodzik for best actress. There were episodes divided into 3 seasons. The format was weekly minute episodes, like the Canadian original. The Romanian version is broadcast by Fox Life. The show became a hit and remains popular, as of Spain's version of the programme is called El y Ella "He and She" , with a format similar to France with 7-minute shows each day. It began in broadcasting in The title refers to the first names of the characters.

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The series aired for more than two seasons. The first, from 5 October to 31 December , had 64 episodes. The second season aired from 29 February to 13 June and included episodes 65 to The third season, episodes to , was shown from 7 October to 28 October Those were the final episodes of the series.

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It airs from Monday to Friday and on Sundays. The Slovenian version of the series is called Da, dragi! Native women very occasionally married a white explorer, but it was not a common or popular choice among both groups. Mixed-race children were not unknown in the area, but for the vast majority of white explorers, a white wife was non-negotiable. White women had been in Quebec since , with the creation of the Ursuline Convent.

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The nuns were expected to provide a moral and stabilizing force to the Catholic colony and to teach young Native girls English, therefore allowing them to become intermediaries between the two populations. However, since neither nuns nor Native women were viable marriage options for the vast majority of French men, the major issue remained. Jean Talon was named Intendant of New France—a sort of head honcho representative for the French government—in , and his solution was simple: Import women with no other options.

It is families that settle colonies, not single adventurers, and Talon knew that to go much longer with such an unstable population may doom the whole enterprise.

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The king thought the idea nothing short of genius, and arranged to pay for the passage of the women, along with a dowry consisting of money, some clothing, and a few household items like one hundred needles and a thousand pins. Sewing needles and pins were invaluable items—used daily, easy to lose in a room lit by firelight or candlelight, and nearly impossible to make a homemade replacement for.

The women were selected to be hard-working, devoutly Catholic, good-natured, and above all, willing to go. The most amazing thing was that it worked.

Although the filles du roi were overwhelmingly poor, and many orphans, none were forced to make the trip. Many were from farming backgrounds, and girls raised in French orphanages at the time would have been expected to have learned all necessary household skills and to do them well.

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  • Three-quarters of the women married within a month of their arrival, and most of the remaining quarter did not wait much longer. Several couples realized after their first dizzy meetings that their partnership may not have been the best idea, and broken-off engagements were not unusual nor looked down on. A very few women returned to France with their new husbands, but the vast majority married and began large families, just as the king had intended.

    The population began to swell as most filles du roi had at least six children, and seven to nine was more common.

    Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles

    Ten was not unheard of. By deliberately choosing women who would be hard-working and strictly Catholic, and encouraging them with state support to bear large families, the French crown created a culture that valued these qualities in its families. Marie-France : Bonne question. Quelle question!

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    Je crois que j'aime toutes les chansons de cet album. Marie-France : Je ne sais pas. Elsa : Effrayant Elsa : Tupac, Live and Die in L. A, ce son me met de bonne humeur.

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    Elsa : Du zouk! Marie-France : Quelque chose de dancehall. Elsa : Un bon casque.

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