How to Train and Understand your Papillon Puppy & Dog

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They're a useful place to start for those who want to learn all they can about puppies of the papillon breed. The book outlines how to choose a papillon, the paperwork involved if you're considering a purebred pup, preparing your home and keeping your papillon puppy healthy through nutrition, vet visits and awareness of health problems common and basic care and requirements. Papillon puppies are intelligent and will do well learning the same things any puppy learns in puppy kindergarten. There are a few characteristics distinctive of papillons, however, that are helpful to understand to train your pap pup effectively.

In "How to Train and Understand Your Papillon Puppy and Dog," Vince Stead covers topics useful for any puppy parent such as crate training and teaching him to sit, but he also includes chapters on separation anxiety, teaching your papillon to deal with loud noises, keeping him from bolting out the door and training him not to bark excessively.

Anna Belooussav believes that raising a papillon is an art form and has outlined her creative approach in "The Art of Raising a Papillon Puppy.

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The book also includes advice on training your papillon puppy for the show ring. Whether or not you know much about papillons, Jane O'Connor's children's book "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy" is an amusing papillon puppy tale. Nancy loves the good things in life and, when her family decides to add a puppy to the household, much to Nancy's chagrin, they have big breeds in mind. Not drawn to golden retrievers, German shepherds or Great Danes, Fancy Nancy spends the rest of the book lobbying for a fancier pup -- a papillon -- by showing off her knowledge of the dainty dogs and their care.

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