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When it comes to negotiating salary, patience is a virtue.

Getting paid for what you know, not what you do

Let the employer make the first move. If you are asked what your salary requirements are, say that they are flexible, based upon the position and the total compensation package including benefits. An alternative is to tell the employer you'd like to know more about the job responsibilities prior to discussing salary. You can also give the employer a salary range based upon salary research you've just completed and cite the research you have done. Keep in mind that there may not be much flexibility.

It’s What the Rich People Do

If the employer has a budget or an established salary structure, the best you might get is the top of the range for that particular position. Don't limit yourself to salary alone.

If the employer can't afford to pay more , ask about the possibility of salary reviews sooner rather than later, extra vacation, or even a bonus based on performance. Regardless of where you are in the negotiating process, remember to remain positive and continue to reiterate your interest in the position.

Getting paid for what you know, not what you do - The Essential Website

Let the employer know that the only issue is the salary and you are really excited about the job and the company. Then, if the position does sound like the perfect job, consider whether the company culture , including the benefits and flexibility, as well as the job itself are worth it — regardless of the salary. If they are, it might just be worth accepting the position and taking a chance that the salary increases will follow! Never let an employer know you need money.

Instead, let your data do the talking. Salary negotiations are about what the market will bear. However, always be honest during the job interview process. Be truthful about job titles, experience, and other job offers that are on the table.

Lies have a strange way of coming back to haunt the person who didn't tell the truth. And a bit of a roller coaster. Business owners have to price everything they sell, and, obviously, consumers have to pay for everything they buy. In service-based industries, pricing is one complicated little big pickle! There, was that better and more P.

But, after hearing some seriously wise words from the year-old plumber who came to repair my hot water heater last week, my mindset about pricing has officially been changed! They DO go that smoothly in some businesses like the ones above. And now I have been reminded that they can go smoothly and without stressful negotiations that seem to undermine our value in ours, too. A story interjection, if I may: Many times, we are asked to do small jobs for our clients.

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Sometimes those jobs take us 5 minutes, sometimes they take 5 hours. It all depends on the task s and what all is involved. The challenge we face nearly every time it only takes us 5 minutes or 10 or 30 is if we should charge for a full hour.

Something Didn’t Feel Right.

We have even taken steps to help push us to do this by clearly indicating a one-hour minimum for all jobs. The client is hiring US.

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We want to AND we know how. So, something that takes us 5 minutes really took us hours, weeks, months or years to learn and practice.

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He was actually the second plumber who came out to assess the issue with my water heater. When he came to my house, it took him 5 minutes to figure out and fix the problem. When I inquired about the fee simply so I could know what I was being charged for beyond the standard trip charge , he told me and then said this:. I told him how much that statement resonated with us and how much we appreciated and valued his knowledge. He fixed the problem, saved me lots of money, and his wise words will help us feel more confident about charging appropriately for our services and feeling valued.

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