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Go figure. Comment by Skullz strange how our biggest nuke uses the least mana of the other "projectile" DD spells Comment by Ihsahn It is the only spell you listed to require a non-returnable Soul Shard. While Shadowburn costs a Soul Shard to cast it is highly likely if you use the spell as a finisher that you will receive the SS back. It also has the longest cast time of the spells you listed and a very lengthy cool down, hardly making it 'nuke' friendly.

Therefore, the low mana cost is off set by the need to sacrifice a SS, it's long cast time which can be reduced with the Bane talent and a lengthy CD. Comment by Thottbot With drain soul being allowed in PvP now, soul fire reagents are no problem. Any 1on1 contains a huge advantage, since seducing or fearing the target and casting soul fire will give him at least damage this is on rank 1 , and damage non-crit!

Pyrokinesis-get fire powers in 10 minutes-subliminal

I just had a dmg crit with rank 1 soul fire and curse of element on a lvl 48 affliction no talents in destruction yet warlock against a level 45 creature in the Hinterlands. Don't dismiss this spell please : It's great. At this level a mage's pyroblast causes to Fire damage and an additional Fire damage over 12 sec. Ours does around damage non-crit! For 30 mana less too ; and a soulshard, but that's easy to get back tbh!

Fire Spell

This pali 50 jumped me 49 while i was beating up a gryphon in hinterlands, so i finish off the gryphon, sacrifice void, dot the! If i would have casted another shadow bolt while he was feared he would have just shielded, healed than kicked my ass. Theirs recorded 5k damage crits, ive also heared that some1 actually crit for 7k once, couldve been shadowbolt as well tho.

Comment by Thottbot the pure love of fire and flames ablaze! Comment by Thottbot OMG!

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As for destruct locks, i dont see why the stupid afflict locks dont wise up and go Des What the hell is better than immolate, conflagrate, shadowburn, fear, and the a Soulfire to finish off the beotches! In the last 30 duels i have lost only 2 times So i think i've produced good results Comment by Thottbot i have most of my felheart and was doing WSG when a warrior with most of wrath set buy my guess at least came after me 1 on 1, i fear CoE then soul fire. Comment by Thottbot well I love it!

Comment by Thottbot its so good Comment by Thottbot Here are the pros and cons in comparison of the pyroblast of the mage and the soul fire of the warlock Pyroblast: Pro: -you learn at a possible lvl 20 -deals additional dot dmg -no cool down -deals in total dmg yard range Con: -only those with talent in it learn it -at lvl 48 it cost mana -due to having that extra dot its initial dmg is Soul Fire: Pro: -everyone learns it -at lvl 48 it cost mana -has semi early on talent that reduces its casting time from 6sec to 4sec -deals in total -has a higher crit dmg possibility due to having all of its dmg happen at once and the ruin talent if you take it -since it deals no dot dmg you can seduce afterwards for your next shadow bolt or what ever your plot is Con: -you learn at lvl 48 -requires a soul shard -has one minute cooldown yard range.

I am dest spec'd which likely helped but still. Comment by Thottbot "Any 1on1 contains a huge advantage, since seducing or fearing the target and casting soul fire will give him at least damage this is on rank 1 , and damage non-crit! But let's take destruction locks into consideration.

But then the curtains close and darkness falls The puppeteer, Grisini, kidnaps Clara and uses his sinister powers to imprison her body and mind in the form of a marionette. His two young assistants realise what has happened, and all three children find themselves caught up in a terrible struggle for supernatural eminence between Grisini and a dying witch of extraordinary power.

New York Times. Brown, Shelf Awareness.

Fire Spell XP Rates with Tome of Fire : scape

After factoring in double the blood runes and zulrah scales, it's just not cost effective. Perhaps it would be more compelling with a regular Staff of the Dead. The difference is about I have a feeling that using the tome of fire for extra xp is not worth the increase in costs.

Re: Game Crashing Fire Spell problems.

Might be wrong though. How on earth is fire bolt go per cast?

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You use exactly 1 chaos rune. Which costs I'm pretty sure he is factoring in the cost of burnt pages using the tome of fire.

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Hey were you using tormented bracelet when not needing chaos gauntlets? That will change things too. I was not, just infinity gloves, I don't plan on regularly training with it so I did not include it in these tests. You are correct though, I believe it would raise my max hit from 36 to Additionally I think I could have used a Staff of the Dead to raise it to