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Actually, I think that valuation understates our financial health; we were pulling in HT a turn in passenger revenue, and that was going to go up by another 35 once our latest ship got established on the Tau Ceti run. Of course the passengers need to be shipped between high value worlds that will provide 3 or 4 passenger groups a turn. Not many passengers come from Mu Herculis.

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Passengers are abundant between worlds without many natural resources. On the last two turns you were competing for passengers and whoever had the initiative took most of the passengers. I enjoyed the game, and I hope I had other players looking over their shoulder as we rapidly gained on the leaders in the game. If it had continued another turns, then people would have to start worrying if GLT could possibly win General comments: both Reputation and Business Connection levels are too easy to get.

Then bidding to raise the price, selling the factories at a profit and pocketing the difference. For example, buying 10 Spice factories when the price is 10 costs HTs. This costs HTs. Total Spend is thus HTs. Next turn he sells the factories with the price at 17 HTs, raising HTs. He also has 10 units of Spice from production and 18 units he bought, for a total of 28 to sell. Provided he can sell them for more than 2 HTs he has a profit. And if sold for half their purchase cost he will have over HTs profit and market positions as well.

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The more factories he buys, the bigger the potential profit. Dropping the price for sales of factories? I see the logic and I may think about it. A keenly fought game, and quite close among several Corporations. It is still worth buying where a product is cheap and selling where it is dear.

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The competition in Isotopes did drive the prices really down though and the cut-throat nature kept prices and profits very low. Not many people shifted to trading in other commodities to the same intensity. Nor was there much inter-player trading. As usual, someone had a way of trading news amongst players, setting up an agreement between players with high Criminal, Political and Business Connections to trade information about News Chits.

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Email Icon. In addition, as part of the celebrations was suggested a "grand film shown in a special program, with an oratory introduction, musical solo and orchestral and a dramatic accompaniment based on a specially written text". In the original script the film was to highlight a number of episodes of the revolution: Russo-Japanese War , massacre of the Armenians , revolutionary events in St. Petersburg , Moscow uprising.

Filming was supposed to be conducted in a number of cities of the USSR. Eisenstein hired many non-professional actors for the film; he sought people of specific types instead of famous stars. Shooting began on March 31, Sergei began with filming in Leningrad and had time to shoot the railway strike episode, horsecar , city at night and the strike crackdown on Sadovaya Street. Further shooting was prevented by deteriorating weather with fog setting in.

At the same time the director faced tight time constraints: the film needed to be finished by the end of the year, although the script was approved only on 4 June. Objectively assessing the situation, Sergei Eisenstein decided to give up the original script, consisting of eight episodes, to focus only on one. This was the uprising on the battleship "Potemkin" , which in the all-encompassing scenario of Agadzhanova took up only a few pages 41 frames.


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Sergei Eisenstein together with Grigori Aleksandrov essentially recycled and extended the script. As a result, the content of the film was very far from the original script by Agadzhanova. The film was shot in Odessa which at that time was one of the centers of film production and where it was possible to find a suitable warship for shooting. The first screening of the film took place on December 21, at a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the revolution in the Bolshoi Theatre. The premiere took place in Moscow on January 18, in the 1st Goskinoteatre now called the Khudozhestvenny.

Eisenstein under the artistic direction of Sergei Yutkevich. In , after sale of the film's negatives to Germany and reediting by director Phil Jutzi , "Battleship Potemkin" was released internationally in a different version from that originally intended. The attempted execution of sailors was moved from the beginning to the end of the film. Later it was subjected to censorship and in the USSR some frames and intermediate titles were removed. The words of Leon Trotsky in the prologue were replaced with a quote from Lenin.

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The battleship "Kniaz Potemkin Tarritcheski" later renamed "Panteleimon" then "Boretz Za Svobodu", was derelict and being scrapped at the time of the film shoot. It is usually stated that the battleship "Twelve Apostles" was used instead, but this was a very different design of vessel from the Potemkin and the film footage matches the Battleship Rostislav more closely. The Rostislav had been scuttled in but the superstructure remained completely above the water until Interior scenes were filmed on the cruiser "Komintern".

Stock footage of Potemkin class ships were used to show her at sea and stock footage of the French fleet depicted the waiting Russian Black Sea fleet, as was anachronistic footage of triple gun turret Russian Dreadnoughts [15] [7]. This was handtinted red for frames by Eisenstein himself for the premiere at the Grand Theatre, which was greeted with thunderous applause by the Bolshevik audience.

Eisenstein wrote the film as a revolutionary propaganda film, [16] [17] but also used it to test his theories of montage.

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In the manner of most propaganda , the characterization is simple, so that the audience could clearly see with whom they should sympathize. Eisenstein's experiment was a mixed success; he "was disappointed when Potemkin failed to attract masses of viewers", [19] but the film was also released in a number of international venues, where audiences responded positively.

In both the Soviet Union and overseas, the film shocked audiences, but not so much for its political statements as for its use of violence, which was considered graphic by the standards of the time.

The Complete Odessa Startup City Guide

Eisenstein did not like the idea and wrote an indignant letter to Goebbels in which he stated that National Socialistic realism did not have either truth or realism. The film was banned in the United Kingdom longer than any other film in British history. One of the most celebrated scenes in the film is the massacre of civilians on the Odessa Steps also known as the Primorsky or Potemkin Stairs. This sequence has been assessed as a "classic" [26] and one of the most influential in the history of cinema.

A separate detachment of mounted Cossacks charges the crowd at the bottom of the stairs. The victims include an older woman wearing pince-nez , a young boy with his mother, a student in uniform and a teenage schoolgirl. A mother pushing an infant in a baby carriage falls to the ground dying and the carriage rolls down the steps amidst the fleeing crowd. The massacre on the steps, although it did not take place in daylight [29] as portrayed, [30] was based on the fact that there were widespread demonstrations in the area, sparked off by the arrival of the Potemkin in Odessa Harbour.

Both The Times and the resident British Consul reported that troops fired on the crowds; deaths were reportedly in the hundreds. It is ironic that [Eisenstein] did it so well that today, the bloodshed on the Odessa steps is often referred to as if it really happened. The October Revolution parade in Moscow featured an homage to the film. The scene is parodied in an episode of the television series Duckman , titled "The Longest Weekend". The Irish-born painter Francis Bacon — was profoundly influenced by Eisenstein's images, particularly the Odessa Steps shot of the nurse's broken glasses and open-mouthed scream.

The open mouth image appeared first in his Abstraction from the Human Form , in Fragment of a Crucifixion , and other works including his famous Head series.

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The Russian-born photographer and artist Alexey Titarenko was inspired by and paid tribute to the Odessa Steps sequence in his series "City Of Shadows" — , shot near the subway station in Saint Petersburg. After the first screening the film was not distributed in the Soviet Union and there was a danger that it would be lost among other productions. Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky intervened because his good friend, poet Nikolai Aseev participated in the making of the film's intertitles.