Ezra and Mr Bignalls Disappearing Maths Class

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The number of immigaanta forwarded to New Zealand by the Agent-General for that colony during the month of Novem ber was 2, Lang leaves by this mafl for Sydney, via BrindisL He is accom panied on his return by his daughter and his relative, Mrs. Through the death of his brother in London, the late Me Andrew Lang, of Morpeth, the Doctor has acquired a very considerable acquisition of wealth. His work, just published by Sampson, Low,-Mawton, and Co. The Secretary of State for the Colonies, in a letter to Dr. Buffet being re-elected President, and on the 3rd Marshal MacMahon's message was read.

He renewed his appeal. While help ing to arrive at an understanding, he wishes it to be understood that he "did not accept power to serve the aspirants of any party.

Ezra & Mr. Bignall's Disappearing Maths Class

By general consent, all discus sion of constitutional questions was post poned till after the new year. There have been some lively debates on the question of University reform apropos of the Bill drafted by the clerical j party, and supported by M. Laboulaye, j? Pupaaloup sup Chulemel- Lacour, who succeeded him, said that the Bill was framed exclusively in the interest of the Catholic Church, whose aggressive ness was a just subject of alarm to the whole world. Gladstone's pamphlet, being a symptom of the anxiety that pre vailed on the subject, the Liberal deputy declared he would never countenance the Church pretext of combating a monopoly of the State.

Let education be as free as possible, but the State could never suffer clerical colleges to confer degrees. A large majorityj ss3 to , however, voted for the second reading of the Bill, thereby affirming the need for a reform of University education.

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Its clerical promoters did their best to push forward the Bill, in order that it might pass before the Christmas recess. They have, however, twice failed—once by the abstention of the Left from voting, and on the 22nd by the adjournment of the discussion on Article 2 till after the New Year. Laboulaye, who at fiist sup ported the Bill in the interests of freedom of instruction, now that it has been divested of every Liberal element, and would only create clerical monopolies, resolutely opposes it. While the Romish Bishops denounce liberty of worship, and support freedom of education, it is im sible to doubt their object.

As the con stitutional law? There was a stormy debate in the National Assembly on the 23rd on the interpellation of the Fifth Bureau de manding an enquiry respecting M. Bonr going's election for the Nievre. Tail hand denied that he had had anything to do with the election of the Appeal Com mittee, and after M. Rouher had rebutted the charges made against them, the House divided, and voted the enquiry by a huge majority, which was composed of the three sections of the Left and 00 mem bers of the Right Centre, including the Due d'Audiffret Pasquier.

The Due de Broglie voted against the motion, and all the Bonapartists except M. Yesterday 24th the House adjourned to, the sth of January. Jules Favre asked if upon reassembling the Govern ment would insist upon the necessity of proceeding with the Constitutional Bills, but the President refused to put the question.

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Paris has followed the rest of the towns of France by electing a Radical munici pality. The pew Council will consist of 12 Conservatives and 68 Republicans. Most of the hitter were supported by the Radicals, but are not all Kadircdw them selves. At Versailles, Toulouse, Niort, Troyes, Compiegne, and other towns, the second ballot for municipal Councillors was favorable to the Republicans. Prince Hohenlohe, the German Ambas sador in Paris, has held his first reception for the season.

It was of a very brilliant character. Among those present were M. Tbiers, the Due de Broglie, the Diplo matic Body, and many members of the Assembly and high officials. Oscar de Lafayette the watch which had been given to his grandfather by General Washington as a souvenir of the capitula tion of Lord Cornwallis, and which, after having been stolen, was recovered, and was ordered by Congress to be handed over to its present possessor.

He also blamed the Italian olergv for voting at the hut elections for the Chamber of Deputies. It is said that Archbishop Manning's mission to Borne was not very succeAful. Heappearsnottohave earned the approval of the Curia by his English policy, and to have a dubious prospect of obtaining the Cardinal's hat. However much a favorite he may be with the Pope, he is not in good odour with the Italian Princes of the Church, who are besides notoriously averse to the elevation of foreigners. The Pope has struck Monngnor Vbnafc off the list of the Privy Chamberlains, and deprived him of the title of Mon signor, on account of his relations with the late Father Theiner, his participation in the editing of Theiner's work on the Council of Trent, and his acceptance of the labrarianship of the VaUiceluana Library.

At a Consistory held on the 14th the Pope nominated several titular Bishops for Italian, French, and Spanish dioceses. Seventeen Bishops tn partibut infidelinm were also nominated.

Article text

After the close of Hie Consistory, the Pope received the con gratulations of the College of Cardinals on the advent of Christmas. Cardinal Patrizi gave expression to the sentiments of affection entertained by the Sacred College towards His Holiness, adding that at titusnnhappy period it was a great consolation for them to witness the Pope's admirable patience, which they would endeavor to imitate.

The Pope replied in very serious and earnest language, giving very appropriate advice to the Cardinals and new Bisheps. The Italian Parliament before the ad journment voted the Bill bestowing a national gift upon Garibaldi by to 25 votes. Eleven of them were sentenced to hard labor for life, four others were condemned to the same punishment for from Beven to fifteen years, and the rest were acquitted. Garibaldi's letter replying to the charges brought against him in the report recently presented to the French Assembly on the Franco-German war, is addressed to Signor Bordone, and dated Oaprera, December 15 Garibaldi says that there is no period in the history of France so full of humiliation and imbe cility as that which, beginning in , shows no Bign yet of ending.

The whole nation, corrupted by masked despotism and lying priestcraft, pre sents a spectacle of humiliating decline such as history has never before wit nessed. The true cause of the hatred shown to the Army of the Vosges is that it did not allow itself to be beateu and surrounded like the great MWindn of the Empire. Replying to the statement in the report that bis soldiers never fought against Manteuffel'a troops, Gari baldi refers to three days of almost unin terrupted fighting in January, when the force under him was scarcely sufficient to defend his positions.

Reinforcements afterwards came, but it was then too Lite. Had General Bourbaki commu nicated with him, the retreat of the Army of the East would not have proved so disastrous. When he heard of that retreat, and set out to assist it, the troops bad already entered Switzerland. The first stage of the trial of Count Arnim was closed on the 10th by the delivery of the judgment The Court opened at 4 p. Dookhorn and Dr. MunckeL that they regarded him as being under arrest, and must insist on his attendance.

He was accordingly seat for, and arrived at 5 o'clock, when the judgment was de livered.

With regard to the documents of the second and third class, the Court. There remained only the documents of the firetclaas, which the accused was charged with embezzling.

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The Court held that this charge of em bezzlement could not be sustained. One class contained 13 rescripts and reports which theCounthadbroughtawaywith him from Paris when he was superseded, and had carried to Berlin and thence to Carls bad. The finding of the Court in refer ence to these is that the Count was justified in bringing them with him from Paris to Berlin for the purpose of deliver ing them at the Foreign Office—they were still in their proper place when being carried in his portfolio to the Ger man capital—but when he took them with him to Carlsbad he removed them from their proper place.

On that day in May hist he " made away" with them, and thus brought himself within the scope of the th clause of the Penal Code. The minimnm penalty being a month, the Court condemned the accused to im prisonment for three months, allowing, however, the five weeks duress which he has alread Buffered to be deducted from the term. Berlin telegrams state that the judg ment pleases nobody. The public prose cutor appeals against the sentence, not because it inflicts the minimum penalty, bat for the purpose of obtaining a modi fication of the grounds on which judgment was given.

The leniency of the sentence has caused a general surprise.

Ezra & Mr. Bignall's Disappearing Maths Class

The case probably will not come on again for two or three months. From the Katnmer gericht the appeal lies to the Supreme Tribunal. The Emperor's pardon can only be granted when the suit is closed by both parties. Count Amim, in a recent conversation with a correspondent of the New Tori- Herald, denied that he was opposed to the French Republic, that he had been intriguing against Prince Bismarck, and that he intended to publish State docu ments.

Hie added, as regards his prose cution, that Prince Bismarck had, he believed, been led into error through his own impatience and the false reports of other people. In Thursday's sitting of the German Parliament, the subject of the arrest of members daring the session again came under discussion. On the previous day it was resolved, on the motion of Herr Hoverbeck, that in order to uphold the dignity of Parliament, it was necessary, by a formal declaration or modification of the Constitution, to prevent such arrests. On Thursday the report ran in Berlin that Prince Bismarck considered this as equivalent to a vote of want of confi dence, and that he had accordingly deter mined to send in his resignation.

At the commencement of the sitting a fresh vote was taken on Herr Hoverbeck's motion, and a modification was introduced to the effect that the Chancellor should be re quested to interpret Article 31 of the Imperial Constitution as rendering illegal the arrest of any member during the ses sion.

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The motion was adopted in this shape. At Friday's sittings, in the discussion of the Budget, Herr Windthorst, the leader of the Centre, moved that the sum of 40, marks for Foreign Office secret service money should be struck out.

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This was opposed in a long speech by Herr yon Bennigsen, who said that the motion could only be regarded as an attack upon Prince Bismarck, at a time, too, when the majority of the German people were ready to pass a vote of confidence in him. Herr yon Bennigsen then defended the policy of Princ9 Bismarck, and declared, amid loud applause, that the documents recently made public had shown it to be emphatically one of non-intervention and peace.

Those documents must have had the effect of greatly raising the position of the ChanciUor. In conclusion, the speaker called upon the House to pass a vote of confidence in Prince Bis marck by rejecting the motion. This was done, the numbers being votes against 7L A Ministerial Council was afterwards held under the presidency of the Emperor, and Prince Bismarck will remain in office. After passing the Budget on Saturday, Parliament was prorogued till the 9th of January.

Majunke, who was re cently released from arrest, has it is stated, been rearrested by order of Prince Bismarck. At the Parliamentary dinner on Thurs day night, Prince Bismarck said the police had warned him that there was a fresh plot against his life, and that he ought not to go oat except in closed car riages. The Official Gazette, of the German Empire publishes statements aooording to which KuUmann, who attempted to assassinate Prince Bismarck, identified himself with the Centre party in the German Parliament.