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His memories of his life as Louie return just as Alex begins a romantic involvement with Louie's i. Instead, Louie then spurns his daughter's advances and begins romancing his widow Corinne, frustrating Phillip's attempts to court Corinne, and resulting in a number of comic mixups.

Alex falls down the stairs, hits his head, and ends up in the hospital. While unconscious, Alex is administered a special injection he should have received at the pearly gates 23 years previous, to make him forget his past life as Louie. When he wakes, he tells Miranda that the last thing he remembers is them kissing in the corner of the refrigerator. He happily resumes romantic interest in Miranda, which she gladly accepts, having never been informed of his other identity by anyone.

Newspaper headlines show the judge charged with accepting the bribe.

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Alex accepts a job offer as a reporter. His and Miranda's relationship continues with Phillip and Corinne's full knowledge and approval, although neither of them has forgotten "Louie" lives on in Alex. The film was known prior to production as Life After Life and Unforgettable. It was Cybill Shepherd's first film in a number of years.

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Her profile had risen since she starred in the television series Moonlighting. She made the film during a production hiatus for Moonlighting. Chances Are received generally positive reviews from critics, but did not do well at the box office.

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Though chapters switch among the male points of view, and ricochet from past to present, the central focus remains on Jacy: What happened to her? Did she ever leave the island? Are her bones buried underneath the Chilmark property? Or his daughter-in-law, who unlocks the door to her newspaper office so Lincoln can check the microfilm? On family, friendship, class, money, marriage, fathers and sons — you name it — he confers the apt remark.

‘Chances Are …’ review: Richard Russo’s ninth novel fails to read the room

Nevertheless, all bombshells feel earned. Translator tool. Sign up now Log in. Tangy, tart and fruity: talking about flavours.

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