Care and Keeping of Canaries

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Canaries love their own kind and are happy being kept with partners or in flocks. Choose an adequately sized cage for your canary depending on how much space you have available and the number of birds you want to put together. A content canary will have a habitat big enough for them to spread their wings and move around in.

Talk to your local Petbarn team member about what size cage will be best your new friend. Standard pellets and seed mixes make a good base diet for canaries.

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Make sure that you refresh their pellet bowl daily. Canaries also love a wide range of sprouting seeds and vegetables. They should have fruits only once a week. Your bird needs access to fresh water at all times, so ensure they have a water dish.

Canary and Finch Care - Requested

Their favourite foods and eating habits differ depending on variety. Leave unsecured items or sharp objects at home to prevent your canary being injured. One or two securely fixed bars is enough for your bird to enjoy the ride. Secure the cage with a safety belt. For longer journeys, you may need to shield the cage from direct sunlight and make water stops to keep your pet hydrated and comfortable. Canaries will groom themselves regularly, preening their feathers, bathing and cleaning their beak.

Moulting is an area your bird may need help with.

Colourful Canaries

For canaries, moulting is an annual event, usually after breeding season. So, if your canary is kept inside in a controlled environment, they may have trouble moulting. Good nutrition is required around moulting with increased carotenoids if you want good feather growth and colour. Sign up here It's FREE. I promise to use it only to send you CanaryAdvisor. Something he will enjoy immensely is to be placed in the SHADE on the lawn with the bottom of the cage removed N ow that's GOOD canary bird care He'll love it!

Only do this though if you have NOT been using any pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on your lawn recently M ake sure the sun is not to hot for your bird and put a cloth or something on part of the cage so he can get in the shade if he wants. Good canary bird care, though, includes. Baby-sitting your pet bird closely Be aware of canary enemies like dogs, cats, mosquitoes, and predatory birds.

Caring for a Canary

Canaries make a nice little snack to a stray cat or hawk You should supervise constantly if you set the cage on the grass. For the best canary bird care As mentioned above For more on baths and spritzers click here.

Be wary of heat stroke If canaries are kept in pairs, the male won't sing. Males won't sing during the summer because that is molting period.

Care & Feeding

If the male is not singing at other times, this could indicate an illness in the bird. Canaries can still be kept together in pairs, and keeping two females does not usually present any problems. Canaries love to have visual contact with people, however, typically do not like to be handled. Talking and whistling to your bird will provide the interaction and socialization they need. Canaries are small, 4 to 8 inches in length and weigh from 12 to 29 grams. They can live up to 25 years with proper care.

Careful breeding has produced canaries that have many different colors of feathers Canaries are not an interactive bird.