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He calls Fae and tells her that he knows her secret, and he tells her all about his Fae is shocked to hear that her step-dad is interested in her and she calls him a perv. With threats of him telling her super-strict mother, Jason has left Fae with no other choice than to fulfill his perverted fantasies. Fae is left alone in a snap-crotch onesie, pacifier, diaper, and metal hand-cuffs so she can't escape her diaper and is forced to wet it. Babysitter Ellie has left Fae alone for just a few minutes.

Somehow, Fae has managed to remove all of her clothes and her diaper! The naked babygirl plays happily with her toys and flips the pages of her storybook. She can't seem to keep her hands off her princess parts though, and it eventually becomes very clear that she has to go pee. Fae holds it in as long as she can, trying to play through the frustrating feeling of her full bladder Fae is very upset about this and cries and fusses. Fae's whimpers attract the attention of Babysitter Ellie, who comes to check on the baby to see what's wrong.

When Ellie finds Fae crying and covered in pee, she's not happy! Where did baby's clothes go? Where is her diaper?? She hurries to clean up the wet playmat and tries to wipe Fae off with baby wipes, but Fae is feeling extra fussy and kicks and whines at Ellie. Naturally, this means a punishment for little Fae. Ellie instructs Fae to bend over the couch and she uses her bare hand to spank Fae for being so naughty. It seems like Fae has learned her lesson as she finally submits to being put into a fresh diaper.

Fae has been a naughty girl, eating too many sweets and misbehaving when her Daddy's not around.

If Fae is going to act like a baby, Daddy's going to treat her like one! Daddy has decided to punish Fae by putting her on a liquid diet--only allowing her to drink baby formula and go pee in diapers! Daddy's left Fae alone while he works but she knows he'll be watching her on the baby monitor. She mixes up a bottle of formula on camera and drinks it like a good girl Fae finishes her bottle of formula and suddenly she has to go pee!

She fills up her little white pampers and wiggles around in front of the camera, causing her diaper to overflow onto the floor. She takes off her diaper and shows you how full of yellow pee it is Looks like someone's in for a spanking when Daddy sees her naked bum! Fae's Diaper Punishment. Horny 18 year-old Fae is being punished by her mom for having too much sex.

Her mom left her all alone while handcuffed and diapered, with no one to help her Then she again, and even leaks a little on the carpet Mom's going to be so mad when she gets home! Title 18 U.

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I just saw an adult driving alone. They could get into a car crash in front of my house. I would have to administer first aid. I must be an unpaid paramedic. Or maybe i am just just an average citizen. The notion that kids need babysitting to an arbitrary age is nonsense. Kids need babysitting until they are ready to be alone. Alberta law reflects this and puts the decision in the hands of parents.

Being near a child who is alone does not make you the designated babbysitter. Being near a child in evident distress does not make you obligated to help, but being a kind person is a good reason to offer assistance. Friends moved to Japan a few months ago. Daughter is about to start school — she is so proud of that hat! The other day I rode with my son from school to musical lessons, when another pupil of the same school, who rode home alone, fell off his bike.

He was crying and bleeding from a minor cut of his hand. So I consolidated him, went to a nearby corner shop together with him and got him band aids, the shop owner was very helpful.

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The other days my son rides home on his own, too, and I hope if he fell some other adult would help him, too. In other news there are a lot elder-than-twelve teenagers who are more of a nuisance in public and yes, adults, too, now what would you do about that? My parents know. I do not need you or anyone else to babysit, supervise, control, bother, interfere, keep an eye on or any other form of it. I have always marveled at the dichotomy between what we insist kids need to do before they can be left alone and what adults need to be able to do to be left alone.

We all need help sometimes. Nobody is able to do everything. It is no more of an imposition to help a child than to help an adult. It is just part of being a civil society. A few years ago we went to a theme park with a bunch of friends. We were told that no adult can go on the ride without a child also going on the ride. Or that we must be murderers because we enjoy a smaller ride? What about the elderly? What about those with mental and emotional issues? Those with health and physical issues? Just when I think no insane new regulation can surprise me any more — you manage to top yourself.

I am dumbfounded. I can clearly see both sides. There is a difference between a parent making a calculated decision about just how much autonomy their child should have, and a parent making a calculated decision that a particular place is safe to leave their not-quite-ready-to-be-unsupervised child because other people will look out for them. If I were employed by the Lego store, this would annoy me even though I understand it.

If you have a playground that is appropriate to a wider range of ages, so that the bigger kids are in the same place as the little ones, and both are supervised by adults, the adults will usually moderate the active play of the older kids. Bingo, lollipoplover. Kids sometimes need a little feedback from a stranger!