Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits

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Author Inspiration: The ongoing Vatican Bank scandals and the murder of Roberto Calvi along with the murders of Italian investigators over several decades inspired this work. The global financial crisis of and its aftermath was also an inspiration. J anet Tavakoli is an American author and structured finance expert based in Chicago. She has had three books published on credit derivatives, structured finance, and the global financial crisis.

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She kept her word so well that, at the end of , the kingdom had recovered its stability. The monks of Mont-Saint-Michel were charged with honouring the Masses. The king was scorned by the papacy; Europe united in a coalition to bring down his supremacy and destroy his influence. All was going very badly when, in , Our Lord made known by St.

There then began for France a slow de-Christianisation. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort became alarmed about it and proclaimed everywhere that the Church and Christendom were entering a dramatic period. Louis-Marie went to Rome to offer himself to the Pope, who entrusted France to him as a field of apostolate. Feeling incapable of such a mission, he went on pilgrimage to the Mount and put himself in the hands of St. Michael the archangel, patron of France, victor of Satan, whose henchmen had begun to pervert the society of the eighteenth century.

Louis-Marie wanted to fight with St. Boniface had against the barbarians in the past. Scarcely one soldier lines up under your standard. Scarcely anyone will stand up and cry out, like St. Michael in the midst of his fellow-angels: Quis ut Deus? Let me then raise the cry of alarm: "The House of God is on fire!

The fears and prophecies of St. Louis-Marie were confirmed to the letter.

Freemasonry was introduced into France in The clergy was seduced by Voltaire and Rousseau. There resulted a general lukewarmness of piety, a decrease in religious vocations, and a collapse of missionary zeal. Episcopal authority forbade the Confraternities of St. He was the first of our kings not to consecrate the kingdom to St. Michael, leaving his visible and invisible enemies free to do as they pleased. Michael in his sanctuary, would be stricken to the third generation. The Revolution of suppressed the traditions, partially destroyed the churches dedicated to St.

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Michael, forbade the feasts and solemnities of the Archangel, and abolished his confraternities. Thus dispossessed of his title of Guardian Angel of France, he was chased from Mont-Saint-Michel in the person of the Benedictines of the sanctuary, who were forced into exile. More than three hundred refractory priests were imprisoned there. Michael turned his back on France. Let us see him at work in Spain. He had been admitted at fourteen years of age into the Jesuit novitiate. Six months later he was favoured by visions that would not cease until his death in At twenty-two, he learned from Jesus that his vocation would be to promote devotion to the Sacred Heart in Spain, and to let Providence act.

One day after Communion, he heard St. Thus it came to be. Brother Hoyos wanted to publish a brochure on the devotion to the Sacred Heart, but Church authorities raised a thousand obstacles. It had to be sent to Rome; the archbishop of Valladolid did not like this devotion, and when finally the imprimatur was granted, the printing was still postponed.

Brother Hoyos complained to St. Michael, who replied to him that he must submit himself to Divine Providence and that the Lord would realise his desires even through means that were apparently contrary. He ordered that the feast be celebrated in Spain on the Friday following the octave of Corpus Christi. Once the French monarchy was destroyed, the revolutionary fire spread to Rome. For forty years the Italian republican troops attempted to occupy the Papal States.

France once again found herself in her original vocation of protector of the Church. Before long, however, he betrayed, recalled his troops, and made an alliance with the Italian Freemason, Cavour. The Republicans occupied the Eternal City in September By losing Rome, the Pope would sooner or later be tempted to submit to the Italian government, if only to guarantee his security.

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To lose Rome meant to be enslaved by the Revolution sooner or later. This battle was therefore a decisive and serious trial. Pie de Langogne. Philomena Ferrer was born in , in Catalonia, in a humble and very Catholic family. At nineteen years of age, she entered the Convent of Valls south of Barcelona, a convent belonging to the Order of the Minims, a branch of the Franciscans that St. Francis de Paola reformed in the fifteenth century. There, she led the ordinary life of a cloistered nun.

From her profession in until her death in , she was favoured with many revelations. The fourth quarter, to which the convent of Valls belonged, seemed less severely chastised, but was not spared from the general plague. Joseph, and St. One day in , she felt called by St.

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Michael the Archangel, and I saw at the same time the happy fate of those who would honour and glorify them. I also heard these words:. Write all you know about it.

It was more or less like this: it seemed to me that I saw the Heart of Jesus, exhausted with fatigue and sadness. He wandered about, as though He wanted to find a refuge somewhere; and, instead of rest, He only found bushes the sharp thorns of which wounded Him and made His Blood bleed. They were of ineffable beauty and brilliance.

They approached the divine Heart in two different places, and as soon as the stars had touched the Heart, It was instantly relieved of the anguish that oppressed It. In turn, It changed into a third star; all three remained in the form of a triangle, the middle one being the Heart of Jesus; the one to the right, Mary Immaculate; and the one to the left, St.

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Michael the Archangel. Michael wills to distribute generously what Mary has obtained. Unable to bear so many wounds and such great sufferings, He appealed to Mary, the most worthy object of His love, for help.