Along Came a Duke: Rhymes With Love

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I loved the first meeting between her and Preston, where she has no trouble pushing back against his arrogance. For his part, Preston is amused by her and finds himself unable to forget her. A chance encounter on the road has them sharing a private dinner.

I loved this scene as Preston teases Tabitha and she gives as good as she gets. We also get some insight into the past that affects Preston's behavior as an adult.

Tabitha knows that she isn't being wise, but there is something about Preston that she can't resist. Their next encounter is two weeks later.

Along Came a Duke - Rhymes With Love

Preston hasn't been able to forget Tabitha. He is stunned when they meet again, and he learns of her upcoming betrothal. He is dismayed by what he sees as her relatives' attempts to turn her into another "Bath miss" and is determined to save her from such a fate. I loved his appearance at the same function that night.

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His outrageous behavior is great fun to watch as he pokes at the so stuffy Barksworth. I loved seeing Preston's protectiveness as he tries to save Tabitha from a miserable marriage without realizing why he feels so strongly about it. In spite of his rakish reputation, there is a very sweet side to him also. I loved the scene with the bluebells. Tabitha can't help but compare the two men, and each encounter makes it more obvious which she would rather be with. The tension picks up when Preston learns the details of the betrothal and becomes determined to save Tabitha.

His methods are effective in one way, but she isn't in the clear quite yet. There is still excitement to come as Preston finally realizes why he's so protective of Tabitha. The final scenes are great fun as both Preston and Tabitha do what they must to get the future they want.

I liked Tabitha from the start. She is feisty and independent even while stuck with her miserable aunt and uncle. I enjoyed her quick wit as she traded barbs with Preston over dinner and again in London. I would have liked to see her stand up to Barksworth and her relatives a bit sooner, but she did come through in the end. I wasn't as sure about Preston at first.

He came across as spoiled and uncaring, especially when it came to the bet that started the book.

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I ached for him as his past was revealed and felt that maybe there was some hope for him after all. Tabitha's effect on him was huge as she inspired him to change. I also enjoyed the supporting characters.

Preston's friend Roxley is a terrific friend and is there to support him when he's most needed. I had to laugh at his fear of his Aunt Essex and the lengths he took to avoid her. I'm looking forward to seeing his story. Preston's aunt was quite a force to be reckoned with, and I really enjoyed seeing her try to save him from himself. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Preston's uncle deals with the results of the prank that Preston and Roxley have played on him. I also liked Tabitha's friends, Harry and Daphne. Harry is forthright, and some of the things she says and does are pretty amusing.

There is a history between her and Roxley, and I look forward to finding out more about it. I wasn't sure about Daphne at first because of her support of Barksworth, and her dislike of Preston. As that seems to be the result of some kind of family feud, I have a feeling that she has some surprises in store for her.

May 23, Kate rated it really liked it. Improved by the end. The best scenes are those of our heroine Tabitha with her friends, and I wish there were more of those. Our hero actually grows and changes in the course of the story! Thank you to whichever GR friend suggeste Improved by the end.

Thank you to whichever GR friend suggested or reviewed this in , it was a good choice for me finally! Jul 08, Cecilia rated it did not like it Shelves: not-for-me. I read about half, and couldn't continue. Too much hostility and "sparring" between the protagonists without enough charm or sweetness to balance , too many nasty characters generally.

Elizabeth Boyle books are pretty much must-reads for me so the title, cover, and plot didn't really matter to me. I saw her name and that was sufficient. However if it did matter, I think the duke part would be very enticing. I once read that romance books with duke in the title sold better and I believe that; I know I like books when the man is of high rank, not that a mere mister can't be a good hero, of course Anyway on to the book itself: I suffered some confusion in the beginn Elizabeth Boyle books are pretty much must-reads for me so the title, cover, and plot didn't really matter to me.

Anyway on to the book itself: I suffered some confusion in the beginning just with the pacing and tone. On the one hand, there is Miss Tabitha Timmons, a confirmed spinster living with her cold uncle and aunt who assumed responsibility for her when her father died in exchange for a better position as vicar.

Along Came a Duke (Rhymes With Love, #1) by Elizabeth Boyle

They took the opportunity to improve their social standing while also gaining a free maid of all work. Yet Tabitha's spirits are bright especially because she has her two best friends Daphne and Harry.

George Duke - Rhyme Or Reason (Shelter Anthem Mix)

They are all spinsters and happily so in the small town of Kempton that is filled with many legends about the famous spinsterdom. Many names are thrown around but not all are important.

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  6. Then we meet her love interest, the Duke of Preston, although Tabitha does not realize this for a while. Because she does not know of his exalted status, she is fine lashing him with her tongue, immediately intriguing him. He is an awful rake, having ruined several ladies this season while also betting exorbitantly. My confusion stemmed from the relationships in his life. He has an aunt and uncle twins who are only about six months older than him as well as a friend Roxley. I was confusing the friend and the uncle, who I believe will be receiving their own stories with Tabitha's friends to complete the series hopefully Preston's aunt will also receive a mate as she is widowed in this book.

    The basic plot is that Tabitha must wed the eminently respectable Mr. Barkworth in order to inherit a sizable fortune. Problem is that she's in love with Preston and well he realizes he's in love with her.

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    Tabitha's greedy relations will go far to keep Tabitha's inheritance in their hands but they are no match for true love. Once I had sorted out the relationships in this book, I was enchanted. In particular, I enjoyed Preston's mocking of Mr. However the main reason I fell for both of the main characters though wasn't because they said some great lines; it was the way both suffered from losing their family and wanting to build one together. Serious tragedy in their pasts helps them appreciate the importance of family and gave them a very real connection.

    I appreciate the balance of serious with humor. Overall: Perfect for fans of Julia Quinn and lighter romance-this is a humorous sweet story with two people eager for a deep connection and who have to battle base knavery to achieve their happily ever after. The same day that the very respectable vicar's daughter Miss Tabitha Timmons tells the insufferable, yet horribly alluring Mr Preston that she has no need to get married, she finds herself unexpectedly engaged to a gentleman she has never met.

    But she can't get the enticing Mr Preston and the feelings he evokes in her out of her mind and another chance encounter that ends with a wager and a kiss leaves not only Tabitha's head spinning.