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How a Dublin house was at the heart of a crime gang's stronghold

For these men, their breadwinner status is central to their idea of the ideal family. An example may be disappointment that children are not following the traditional religious or cultural customs of the father. The father sees family as the result of his economic success, allowing him to display his achievements.

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However, if the father becomes an economic failure, he sees the family as no longer serving this function. This is often social services or the legal system, which the father fears will side against him and take away the children. Here the murder is motivated by a twisted desire to protect the family.

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Youth crime prevention programmes

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The Plot To Make A Family Vanish (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

I'll handle this," he tells the boys. Father and sons. Note one of the sons behind the father with a shotgun: that isn't a coincidence.

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The entire family dynamic established in the first episode is just the foundation for the rest of the series. The second episode completely subverts expectation with a time jump that pushes the show 10 years ahead, where all of the relationships have an additional decade's worth of animosity built into them.

This is a crime family built entirely on deception, betrayal and murderous intent. And that is where the story really begins.

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